Destiny Heavy Ammo Fix Still Coming This Week; Server Maintenance Today

Destiny Server Maintenance Heavy Ammo Fix

After what felt like forever, Bungie finally granted players' wishes by outfitting Xur with heavy ammo synthesis. For weeks/months, gamers had been hoping that Xur might finally give them something to spend their Strange Coins on, and finally the moment came last weekend.

More importantly, the return of heavy ammo synthesis eased the pain of Destiny’s heavy ammo bug, which regularly aggravated players. This wasn’t a small issue that crept up partway through the game’s lifecycle either, but had been a huge problem since launch. However, it only grew to greater prominence with the release of the Crota’s End raid, whose final encounter made heavy ammo (in particular rockets) essential.

But while the heavy ammo syntheses were a nice stopgap, they were merely that. Luckily, a genuine fix for the heavy ammo bug is on the way, and it should be hitting sometime this week.

Last we had heard Bungie was targeting a February release for the fix, which we know is included with update 1.1.1. The heavy ammo bug fix will be a major component of the update, but it won’t be the only change. Other notable fixes and additions include matchmaking for Weekly Heroic Strikes, a nerf/buff for several weapon types, and a reputation panel for tracking faction status.

So, anyone who may be worried should know that Bungie is still targeting a February release for the update. In fact, they took to Twitter to say that update 1.1.1 should hit sometime later in the week, but first they need to do a little server maintenance.


That server maintenance will take place between the hours of 10am and 12pm PST on Tuesday February 24th, which is a small inconvenience. It’s unclear what exactly Bungie will be doing during the Destiny down time, but they are most certainly paving the way for the new update.


Speaking of the update, while it does include some oft-requested new features like matchmaking and a buff for pulse rifles, there is still the hope that Bungie will address more Destiny issues. There are plenty of bugs in both Vault of Glass and Crota’s End that we would love to see addressed, and it would also be nice to see Crucible get some attention as well. The update does include better randomization for Crucible and Strike maps while in matchmaking, but that’s a small change. We want to see bigger changes too, if only to keep us interested until House of Wolves launches in spring.

When do you think the Destiny update will release? What are your hopes for additional game fixes?

Source: Bungie

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