Destiny: Hidden Terminus Area Found; Confirms DLC is On Disc?

Destiny Secret Terminus Area


Over the last month it feels like Destiny has dominated the gaming news conversation, prompting discussions over everything from loot systems to Raid speed runs. But few of the recent Destiny news bits have explored the many secrets of Bungie's game. We know they're out there, but so far searches have only returned a handful of Easter Eggs.

The most recent secret, however, might just be Destiny's biggest. Not because of what it reveals about the game, but because of what it reveals about Bungie's DLC plans.

As readers can see in the above video, this latest secret involves glitching one's way into the Terminus stream on Venus. It takes some crafty jumping skills, and is likely easiest with the Hunter, but most Guardians should be able to hop to the various spots.

Once there, the player can jump directly into the stream and travel to a previously undiscovered area called Terminus. The area is similar in design to other locales on Venus, sporting a very geometrical architecture. Terminus also happens to play home to three new Dead Ghosts, but since the area isn't actually part of the official Destiny experience (yet), collecting them does not count towards the 30.

Destiny Secret Terminus Area

What's most curious about this latest area is that it appears to be tied to the forthcoming Destiny DLC. As Nowise 10 points out in the video, Terminus is a location featured in the House of Wolves DLC that doesn't release until some time next year. We know this because of the recent Destiny leak, which revealed previously unseen Strikes and Raids.

Putting all that together, it appears that some of the level design for these DLC areas is actually complete and only needs enemies. Meaning that even though Activision will be charging an additional fee for the extra content, there are actually portions of it on the retail disc.

That’s all to say that what was an otherwise innocuous glitch may have put Bungie and Activision under fire. After another glitch revealed that aforementioned Expansion content gamers have been plenty wary, and now it appears their concerns were legitimate.

How do you feel about some of Destiny's DLC areas appearing on the disc? Have you found any other secret areas in Destiny?


Source: Nowise 10

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