Developer Bungie has today confirmed that Destiny 1 will no longer receive sandbox updates, which balance gameplay and tweak weapon archetypes. The studio’s sole focus moving forward is Destiny 2 and its looming release in September.

In today’s Weekly Bungie Update, the Destiny developed addressed some of the feedback it has been getting regarding its FPS title. No doubt the developer is aware that there are areas where the sandbox could improve – PvP is always a work in progress – but it is also crunch time for Destiny 2.

For now, that means that Destiny 1’s meta will be the meta until the game’s servers shut down. Things like sidearms are going to continue to rule the roost, and hand cannons and pulse rifles will be the preferred primary weapons in PvP.

On top of that, any bugs that players may experience in the raids, like Crota standing up early or the sword disappearing in Crota’s End, will still be there. Not that raids and grinding for gear is that important anymore, since none of that will carry over into Destiny 2 anyway.

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That being said, Bungie does need players’ feedback, only on the Destiny 2 beta when it launches later this summer. Destiny 1 may be as balanced as it is going to get, but Destiny 2 likely has a long way to go before it reaches a place where all weapons and subclasses feel “fair” against one another.

In fact, while playing Destiny 2’s PvP at the gameplay reveal event, we noticed that some of the subclasses are a little stronger than others, namely the new Warlock subclass Dawnblade. Like the Sunbreaker Titan when it first debuted in Destiny: The Taken King, the Dawnblade looked very strong in PvP, hurling flaming blades with reckless abandon.

Fans will likely have a chance to see how the gameplay has evolved at E3 2017, where Destiny 2 is expected to have a sizeable presence. Bungie has already confirmed that attendees will be able to check out the new Inverted Spire strike, the PvP mode Countdown, and the Homecoming mission, but there is the hope that Destiny 2 will make an appearance during Sony’s press conference with new info in tow.

Destiny 2 releases September 8, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version does not currently have a release date.