Destiny's Rumored Rise of Iron Expansion Trademarked by Bungie

destiny rise of iron title art

Destiny developer Bungie trademarks the title Rise of Iron seeming to add to the credibility of it being the game's upcoming fall expansion.

Ever since the art for Destiny's rumored Rise of Iron expansion leaked, few have questioned its legitimacy. Now, more evidence has surfaced that looks like it confirms that Rise of Iron is, in fact, the title of Destiny's next content drop.

On May 31, 2016 Bungie applied for a trademark of the title Rise of Iron for use in "interactive game software; video game software" and reserving its use across multiple media forms (as is standard in many of Bungie's past trademarks related to Destiny). The full trademark details can be found here.

Even though the art leaked and this trademark has been found, Bungie has remained silent on Rise of Iron. Not even a hint has been given out to fans, many of whom are taking the developer's silence as a form of confirmation since the company is usually quick to deny inaccurate rumors.

That's all to say that Rise of Iron is rumored to be Destiny's fall expansion, which based on prior teases from Bungie is supposed to be about the size of last fall's The Taken King expansion. On top of that, rumor has it that Rise of Iron will feature a Fallen-themed raid.

Destiny Reveal 'Next Adventure' on June 9

Fans won't have to wait too much longer to find out more about the future of Destiny as Bungie is planning on holding a pre-E3 reveal on its Twitch channel on June 9. While Bungie still has not confirmed that Rise of Iron is what is being shown off, most assume that it will be. From what the developer has said, fans will be treated to some sort of trailer or ViDoc revealing the "next adventure," followed by a discussion with the development team.

There's some questions as to why Bungie is not waiting a few more days to reveal Rise of Iron at E3, especially considering. Sony's PlayStation keynote has hosted Destiny reveals in the past. Perhaps this could mean that Bungie will either have more to show at E3, or maybe the game won't be featured as heavily at Sony's press conference as it has been in the past.

Some fans on the Destiny subreddit have also pointed out that this trademark calls Rise of Iron "interactive game software" instead of "downloadable video games" as the trademarks for Destiny's three previous DLCs have been labeled. Could that mean that Rise of Iron is not an expansion but another live event like Sparrow Racing League or Festival of the Lost?

Many of these questions are likely to be answered in just days with Bungie's Twitch reveal.

What would you like to see Rise of Iron add to Destiny? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Destiny Reddit

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