In the most recent episode of The Game Informer Show podcast, the hosts discuss and reveal new story details, raid info, and more for Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion.

Without a doubt, Destiny fans are looking forward to the science fiction shooter’s next major expansion, Rise of Iron, and they want to learn as much about it as possible before its release in September. Thankfully, the most recent podcast episode from the fine folks over at Game Informer had almost half of its two and a half-hour long show dedicated to discussing the add-on’s new story, its raid details, and a whole lot more.

As described by The Game Informer Show’s podcast hosts, the overall impression they were left with after playing Destiny‘s Rise of Iron was that it is going to be a fantastic expansion, and it has the capacity to give the action-RPG’s myriad fans a rich and exciting experience. Interestingly enough, however, while it was mentioned during the podcast that the forthcoming DLC is a step up from The Taken King in terms of gameplay, its storytelling abilities haven’t necessarily evolved to a higher level.

For those who don’t have the time to listen to the entire episode, the Redditor ErisUppercut has provided a beautiful breakdown of everything that was mentioned during the show about what fans can expect from Destiny‘s Rise of Iron. Fans can find what the would-be Guardian is calling the “Cliffs Notes” below, and according to the details, the expansion is primed to have tons of materials to keep fans of the game busy for a long while.


General game:

  • Overall it’s a fantastic expansion
  • Not as funny as TTK
  • Ghost hams it up a bit more with no Cayde 6. They aren’t sure it completely works, but given focus is on us not characters they recognise you need a large supporting cast and can’t rely on Cayde 6
  • You get tokens for the “heroic deeds” in the plaguelands, which are pretty much patrols, kill enemy types, etc. Importantly, it’s “not too grindy”, and easy to do. 3 artifacts on sale per week, gotta catch them all!
  • Previous expansions have been “enemy focused” – this isn’t so much; whilst it has a strong emphasis on Fallen and SIVA it’s really about the Iron Lords and your journey to being one and getting the order re-established.
  • I think you’re referred to in-game as “the Young Wolf” a la Robb Stark
  • There are fragments similar to TTK to collect
  • There are more hidden ghosts of course
  • Mimic chests: poison chests that give you something nasty to worry about instead of something good
  • New area starts out as familiar, a la Cosmodrome, but as you go deeper in and towards the Fallen fortress it all gets a lot more weird
  • Story is probably short, and the actual story-telling isn’t really a step up from TTK
  • Artifacts are going to be awesome, but they didn’t seem to think they’d be particularly game-breaking in any way Class items with shaders were a hit

Archon’s Forge:

  • Fair to describe it as a mix between CoO and PoE
  • Encounters are longer, about 5 minutes
  • Varying difficulty
  • A sort of horde mode – enemies come in waves
  • Arena is more PoE size than CoO
  • Still co-operative beyond your fireteam.
  • Chunkier, more in-depth engagements than CoO


  • One new strike
  • Plays with the concept of variable play through, which is new. IE, you will get different encounters on different playthrough.
  • Different doors will open leading to different fights
  • The re-done strikes are much more robustly redone.
  • Completely new dialogue. A reason for why we’re “going back” to these places
  • Re-done strikes are Phogoth and Devil’s Lair. Sounded pretty impressed with them


  • Thematically, it’s about “collision”
  • Unlike previous raids, there is a fair bit of outdoor action in this, and you can see the area from other parts of the Plaguelands
  • They failed miserably in the run through they had of various encounters, as it was quite hard
  • Apparently the encounters are a lot of fun – the Death Zamboni was regarded as the most fun engagement one of the hardcore Destiny guys has had


  • They really liked the new mode. They liked how you can play support, so if you’re not so great at shooting you can collect the crests and do other stuff

Iron Banner:

  • Big changes, some of which have been revealed, but are quite major and an important part, thematically
  • It’s more accessible without losing focus on what works
  • Regarding the Temper buff they think you’ll actually hit level 5 earlier than you would have previously, but that you’ll keep playing for the cool rewards
  • Very cool that you can wear whatever gear and shaders

Social space:

  • Wolves very cool. Can’t be petted


  • Apparently very cool. Buy the mag to find out more apparently

Record Book:

  • Works really well to show you what you should be focusing on You constantly get rewards (armour, guns, shaders etc) for completing each say 10% of stuff


  • They do change the geometry, so a fundamental aesthetic change. Applies to each piece so you collect ornaments.
  • Also ones that apply specifically to exotic weapons – he could change his Monte Carlo colour for eg


Not long ago, Bungie’s Chris Barrett and Scott Taylor shared new details about Destiny‘s Rise of Iron, but it definitely wasn’t as comprehensive as the analysis from The Game Informer Show’s podcast that was then itemized by ErisUppercut. Of course, a lot of fans will be quick to point out that some of this knowledge about the expansion has been touched on before, such as the coverage of the fresh Guardian armor, as well as the Iron Banner changes and rewards, but it’s safe to say that one can never be too informed.

Taking all of this into consideration, everything we know so far about Destiny‘s Rise of Iron DLC can certainly be seen as Bungie’s attempt to provide the game’s fans with at least one more gigantic event worthy of celebration before the title’s proper sequel drops. Speaking of which, with Activision having recently revealed during its latest earnings call that “the bulk of Bungie” is working on Destiny 2, it’s highly likely that Rise of Iron is already in its final stages of development, with the studio simply refining its qualities, which should be a good sign to Destiny fans everywhere.

Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion is set to release on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: The Game Informer Show (via Reddit)