Destiny Guide: How To Get to Site 6


The journey to Site 6 within the Plaguelands can be difficult, but follow this Destiny: Rise of Iron guide for directions on how to quickly and easily find it.

The day many fans had been waiting for finally arrived as Destiny: Rise of Iron, the newest and last expansion pack for the action-RPG, finally released. Based on the amount of server and sign-in issues players were experiencing early on its launch day, it became clear that more than just a few players were excited to help Lord Saladin. With the server issues now resolved, players were free to explore all of the new gear, missions, and other bits of content in Destiny: Rise of Iron including the new zone called the Plaguelands.

Even though this region takes place on Earth, the Plaguelands offers a different and varied landscape compared to the Cosmodrome. The snowy and mountainous landscape remains a marker for an ancient battle between the Iron Lords and SIVA virus, where Devil Splicers have since taken up residence and the glowing red tendrils of SIVA now infect the land once more. In fact, the winter theme has spread into the Cosmodrome area, updating the look and feel to convey a passage of time in the starting area that all Destiny players have been familiar with for the past two years.

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While Site 6 is a major location players will visit during the Rise of Iron main quest line, getting there while patrolling the Plaguelands isn't easy. It is important to find this location however, especially for players who want to find all Iron Medallions and claim both the Year 3 Gjallarhorn and Iron Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launchers.

So the big question remains as to how can players easily and quickly get there? These steps will show you the way:

Patrol The Plaguelands

After reaching a certain point in the Rise of Iron quest line, players will be able to now patrol this new zone. After spawning into Lord's Watch, head right and go through the adjoining Giant’s Husk and Doomed Sea in order to get to Archon's Keep.

Enter Archon's Forge

Like the Court of Oryx in The Taken King, Archon's Forge is the newest public event arena, where Guardians can meet up, fend off waves of enemies, and earn powerful loot. Once inside Archon's Keep, look for the massive central structure above the forge that dominates the landscape. Head towards the structure, enter the arena, and follow the paths to the middle. Please note that if players don't want to participate in a battle, it may be necessary to wait for the public event to end.

Finding The Warrens

Once inside the arena, players should start walking along the left side of the arena where a large crack in the wall will eventually appear. Thankfully, the crack is large enough for a player to fit through and moving through the tunnels will lead to a new zone called The Warrens. Now things get a little tricky.


Looking for the Site 6 Tunnel

Immediately after entering The Warrens, players should see a ledge that drops down right in front of them. As soon as they fall into it, immediately hang a left and follow along the wall until a small tunnel appears.

The Final Push Through

This last portion of the trek takes players through a fairly dark tunnel, making it very easy for players to miss the relatively small opening to Site 6. Players should take it slow in this tunnel, ducking down and making very sharp turns. When the long, twisting tunnel finally stops, players will now be in Site 6. Thankfully, the Iron Medallion hidden here isn't nearly as difficult to find.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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