Destiny: Rise of Iron Server Access Issues Being Investigated By Bungie

Destiny: Rise of Iron Server Access Issues Being Investigated By Bungie - Destiny: Rise of Iron guardians

As Bungie investigates ongoing server issues with Destiny following the release of the game's Rise of Iron expansion, the studio implements a sign-in queue.

As one of the biggest new IP of all time, Destiny is a popular game, and has been since its launch in 2014. Bungie has managed to maintain a following of dedicated players and draw in lapsed ones by regularly releasing meaty expansion packs, with the latest, Rise of Iron, available as of today. While it's a good thing for the game's community that so many players are returning to play the Rise of Iron expansion, it seems as though the influx of Guardians is causing serious server issues.

Many people trying to enjoy the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny are discovering that they simply can't access the servers, and those that can get in are finding themselves kicked from the game. These issues appear to be caused by heavy traffic, and so while Bungie continues its investigation into the matter, it has decided to implement a sign-in queue for Destiny "across all platforms."

So far, it doesn't seem as though this sign-in queue is doing its job effectively. The line to play the game is reportedly in the hundreds of thousands, and even when players are finally allowed in Destiny, they oftentimes are kicked right back out. There are some that have been able to enjoy Rise of Iron with little issue, however, so hopefully that's a sign that Bungie will get a handle on the problem sooner rather than later.

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Server overload is not a good thing, but for Bungie and the game's community, the fact that a lot more people are playing Destiny is. It goes to show that Rise of Iron and recent updates have added compelling enough content to the experience, such as private matches, to convince newcomers and veterans alike to boot up the game. Whether or not they stick around until Destiny 2 comes next year remains to be seen, and if the server problems persist, many may give up on Rise of Iron much faster than they would have otherwise.

In the meantime, it's interesting that these problems are apparently plaguing Destiny on PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. After all, Bungie made the decision to have Rise of Iron skip last-gen consoles entirely, so Destiny fans on those platforms may be annoyed that they can't even access the new content, yet their gameplay experience is suffering just the same.

For the sake of last-gen Destiny players and fans of the game in general, Bungie needs to get these server issues ironed out soon. The studio has done a good job of drawing players into the Rise of Iron experience, and if it fixes the server problems in a timely manner, it could keep them engaged with Destiny for the long haul.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie Help

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