Destiny Players Can Buy Reputation Boosters and New Emotes in Rise of Iron

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Destiny: Rise of Iron brings new merchandise to the Eververse Trading Company including seven new emotes and the ability to purchase reputation boosters.

It is an exciting time to be a Destiny player as Bungie is preparing to launch its final major expansion for the game next week. Just like the April update, Rise of Iron plans not only add new story content and areas to explore, but it promises to add a number of quality life enhancements as well. Tess Everis and her Eververse Trading Company are also getting a fresh shipment of items for Rise of Iron as well including reputation boosters.

Previously seen as random Sterling Treasure loot, players in Rise of Iron will now be able to purchase these reputation boosters. For 100 Silver, players can boost the rate of experience gain for themselves and their fire team in Destiny's House of Elders, Crucible, or Vanguard.

The booster change is likely due to the fact that the primary method for acquiring these boosters came through Sterling Treasures, which are essentially being replaced by new Radiant Treasure in Rise of Iron. Thankfully, players who would rather not spend real money on these items still have a chance to earn them through opening Radiant Treasures as well.

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As players have seen in the past, Eververse is also getting several new emotes being introduced in the expansion as well. Rare emotes include Winded, Shadow Boxing, the Toe Tap, and the basketball inspired Jump Shot. There are also three premium Legendary dance emotes such as Trotting Dance, Challenging Dance, and Wiggly Leg Dance.

While Destiny is finally moving away from legacy consoles and letting developers do more with the game for current generation consoles, players won't see another boost the recently announced PlayStation 4 Pro. While Bungie hasn't ruled it out completely, the studio confirmed that it currently has no plans to enhance the experience through the device. The studio also confirmed that it's done with the upgrades and changes to Rise of Iron, but the studio is looking into the new console and hinted at potential enhancements in the future, possibly for the upcoming sequel in 2017.

For more on what players can expect to see once Rise of Iron launches next week, make sure to check out our complete guide to everything new in the expansion.

Are you an Eververse user? Do you think you will become one with these boosters and new emotes? Let us hear your thoughts down in the comments below.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches on September 20 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: GameSpot

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