A retail listing for Destiny: Rise of Iron confirms that PlayStation 4 players will be getting exclusive content, though it’s not yet known what that will entail.

It’s been a big week so far for video game related reveals, leaks, and teases as companies rush to one up each other before all eyes fall on Los Angeles next week for the annual spectacle that is E3. One of the surprising reveals came yesterday as Bungie showed off and detailed the next major expansion for its popular first-person shooter known as Destiny: Rise of Iron. Players will be fighting against new enemies, heading to new lands, battling across new Crucible maps and modes, and working to nab new gear as well. One thing that was not touched upon, however, was whether or not PlayStation 4 players would be getting exclusive loot.

Thanks to a retail listing for Destiny: Rise of Iron captured by My Name is Byf on Twitter, the deal between Activision and Sony is still in place. It should be no surprise to anyone then that the exclusive timed-content deal remains in tact with Sony, so PlayStation 4 players are indeed getting access to exclusive gear. Unfortunately, neither Bungie or Activision has detailed what exactly PlayStation 4 players should expect to see, and neither company appears to be in any rush to do so. According to the fine print, the timed-exclusive content will be announced at a later date.

PS exclusive Rise of Iron content confirmed. pic.twitter.com/o1OeoXLMZy
— My Name Is Byf (@MyNameIsByf) June 9, 2016

With E3 happening in a few days, and Sony always having a big presence at the show, many are speculating that Destiny: Rise of Iron will be featured with actual gameplay. Admittedly, it would be a good opportunity to detail the PlayStation-exclusive content as well, so fans shouldn’t be surprised to get answers to some of their questions in a few days.

Bungie’s stance on future content has apparently changed ever since the backlash and negativity that came about earlier this year from fans who were upset, as they viewed the game as having become somewhat stale. The fact that Bungie was unwilling to reveal what it had in the works for (what would eventually become) the April Update was not helping matters – even causing high profile Destiny streamers like tripleWRECK to share his frustrations. An earlier than expected reveal of the Rise of Iron expansion could be a sign of goodwill and an effort to prevent similar backlash from happening.

Are you looking forward to the new content launching in September or have you moved on from Destiny completely at this point? Hit us up in the comments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only on September 20, 2016.

Source: My Name Is Byf Twitter