Developer Bungie officially confirms that Destiny‘s forthcoming expansion, Rise of Iron, will not have a Collector’s Edition upon its release later this year.

As many Destiny¬†players probably recall, when Bungie announced fall 2015’s major expansion The Taken King, the studio was overwhelmed with positive responses from fans, which led the developer to give those looking to invest more in the add-on with different versions, such as the then-controversial $80 Collector’s Edition. Now, however, it seems as if Bungie is satisfied to offer the sci-fi shooter’s would-be Guardians nothing more than the playable content of the game’s forthcoming DLC known as Rise of Iron, as it won’t be receiving a special version.

While speaking to the fine folks over at GameSpot during a livestream interview for E3 2016, Destiny‘s community manager David “Deej” Dague explained that Bungie decided it was best that Rise of Iron remained without a Collector’s Edition. As a matter of fact, the community manager stated it rather definitively, saying, “We’re not making a collector’s edition. The Iron Gjallarhorn–you can get that if you preorder before launch. But we’re having one version of Rise of Iron.”

Although Dague declares that Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion is only going to be offered to fans as a piece of downloadable content and nothing more, several of Bungie’s past business decisions could lead some to speculate as to whether or not the studio will renege on its statement, by then simply announcing a Collector’s Edition for the DLC in the future. For instance, not many fans are able to forget the time that Bungie admitted it stealth implemented skill-based matchmaking after denying it to the community outright.


Nevertheless, Dague went on to discuss Bungie’s decision to bring back the fan-favorite Gjallarhorn rocket launcher to Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion after not having ported it into The Taken King last year. Regarding the matter, the action-RPG’s community manager said:

“Gjallarhorn will be even more powerful [than it is now], because its power levels will rise. [It] will be restored to its old prowess. We’re really looking forward to putting it back in the hands of the players… [and] every Guardian will forge the Gjallarhorn as part of a quest.”

In any event, it seems as if Bungie is really gearing up for Rise of Iron’s release later this fall, as the studio has been several announcement recently that have been received quite well, such as the decision to keep the current Infusion system and Year 2 weapons in the game. Not to mention, with E3 2016 being in full swing, the studio also took it upon itself to discuss what many Destiny fans are looking forward to with Rise of Iron, which is the new raid.

What’s your take on Bungie deciding to not have a Collector’s Edition for Destiny‘s Rise of Iron? Do you believe the studio figured it was better to avoid a similar controversy akin to The Taken King’s special versions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion is set to release on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot