Destiny: Rise of Iron Mission May Hide More Secrets According to Bungie


In a recent livestream, Bungie hints that Destiny: Rise of Iron may have a secret or two left for players to uncover including a mysterious code hidden on the PvP map, Last Exit.

By now, players should fully realize that not everything is as it seems inside Bungie games. While the Halo franchise is well known for its hidden skulls, Bungie has been more devious with its wildly popular sci-fi shooter, Destiny. Fans have been extremely diligent in uncovering secrets like the Black Spindle sniper rifle and solving wild puzzles linked to the exotic pulse rifle Outbreak Prime. If recent developer comments are to be believed, Destiny fans should put on their sleuthing hats one more time as there just might be another mystery to solve.

Derek Carroll, who leads the live team PvP group at Bungie, recently dropped a few hints in a recent livestream regarding a secret that fans have not yet uncovered in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Not wanting to give away too much, Carroll revealed that there's a hidden code somewhere on the new Crucible map, Last Exit. The hint comes at around the 1 hour and 10 minute mark in the live stream, taking the chat and host, David "DeeJ" Dague, by surprise. To further the mystery, he also tweeted out a message with a strange image as well.


To most, the image comes off looking harmless, but of course, information and subtle details like that sent the Destiny community into a whirlwind of activity. Already, players have tracked down what appears to be code fragments on Last Exit in addition to a number of references to colors. The Destiny Raid Secrets subreddit, which helped in solving the Outbreak Prime mystery, is also on full alert and again doing some heavy lifting as they try and decipher nearly everything they can get their hands on.


That's not all however. Other players have recently come across strange looking smoke found in the Plaguelands during the Wretched Eye strike. During the section when the mission asks players to disable SIVA nodes inside a Hive nest, guardians have come across green mist with Hive runes emanating out. While some believe this to simply be a trap gameplay mechanic, others feel this could be the start of something bigger in the same way that a harmless runestone eventually led to the discovery of the Black Spindle sniper rifle.

Bungie is certainly unafraid of making players work for these secrets especially with some of their more recent puzzles for progressing the Outbreak Prime quest and even ARGs tied to the mysterious group Owl Sector and Wrath of the Machine raid.

Could this be a case of Bungie whipping up the community into a frenzy or could this actually be something worthwhile? Lets hear your thoughts and theories down in the comments below.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Bungie Twitch; Derek Carroll Twitter

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