Destiny Guide: Where to Find All Iron Medallions


Check out this helpful guide in order to ensure the swift discovery of each and every Iron Medallion within Destiny's expansion known as Rise of Iron.

As many Guardians are more than likely aware, Destiny: Rise of Iron is officially out now, which means that players the world over are exploring all that the DLC has to offer, including, but not limited to the attempt to acquire the Year 3 version of the Gjallarhorn. Of course, in order to do so, players will need to stay vigilant and remain on the lookout for 7 individual medallions to collect, with each of the objects being remnants of the Iron Lords.

Although Bungie made sure that the game will have an icon pop up on players' HUDs when they are in the vicinity of one of the 7 separate medallions, it's safe to say that not every Destiny fan is going to know exactly where to look. With that being the case, those certain Guardians struggling to unearth each and every medallion can follow along with this handy guide, and ensure their speedy discovery.

Lord's Watch


As soon as players spawn into the quest to assemble the Gjallarhorn, they will need to keep the Iron Medallions in mind. Thankfully, though, this one is relatively easy to find.

Once fans have spawned, they should head directly into the little shack that's nearby. It will be resting  atop a shelf in the tiny metal hut among some rectangular objects that resemble computer towers and hardware.

Giant's Husk


At Giant's Husk, it will be necessary for Guardians to do a little digging around. However, the medallion isn't too hard to find if fans keep their eyes open.

Once in the area, the medallion can be found on the top of the zone, along the wall where the boxes of thralls were. It's between some boxes in that space.

Archon's Keep


To start out for this particular medallion, players will need to head over to the entrance to Archon's Forge. Upon arrival, Guardians ought to remain along the outer rim of the building.

Fans will need to keep moving straight along this perimeter and eventually they will stumble across it. The medallion is laying atop a heap of rubble on one side of the entrance.

Site 6


In order to access Site 6, players will first need to get underneath Archon's Forge. The medallion will be found within a room that contains several large generators.

As one arrives in the area, keep bearing toward the left side of the room. The medallion ought to be set in the corner near a large section of pipe.

Forgotten Pass


This area should be familiar to those who have taken on the Wretched Eye strike. The medallion will be close to its beginning.

At the start of the Wretched Eye strike, players will need to traverse toward the far side of the bridge. Keep one's vision set to the right, and the medallion can be found there.

Bunker Triglav


The simplest way to come across the medallion in Bunker Triglav is if Guardians are coming directly from the aforementioned strike. Of course, it will still be there should players decide to move on to another activity following Wretched Eye.

When moving from the strike, go to the left upon seeing the bridge. Then, enter into the bunker that looks like a building. Continue going toward what appears to be a small room, and the medallion should be to the left of the entrance.

Felwinter Peak


At Felwinter Peak, Guardians will need to be aware of their surroundings early on to find the medallion. In fact, it's closer than one might think.

As it happens, the medallion sits atop a very wide rock. Players should come across it near the very start of the jumping maze.

rise of iron gjallarhorn

Now, with all 7 Iron Medallions collected in Destiny: Rise of Iron, players will be sent to the Crucible map Bannerfall so as to defuse bombs, fight various enemy waves, and collect early blueprints for the Gjallarhorn. For those thinking this sounds familiar, it's worth noting that the mission is somewhat similar to The Taken King's subclass quests, as a Crucible map is used as a battle arena.

Beyond getting the Iron Medallions and blueprints, obtaining the Gjallarhorn itself is far from over, for once the Bannerfall section is complete, players have to obtain 5 Siva Clusters, which can essentially be considered as the Rise of Iron version for Calcified Fragments. Then, Guardians will have the final portion of the quest to protect Ghost on Frontier while he rebuilds Gjallarhorn. Of course, at this point, players will have to rely on their own strength to make it through the battle.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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