Bungie says Destiny‘s current Infusion system will continue in the Rise of Iron expansion, and players will be able to carry Year 2 weapons forward into Year 3.

Destiny‘s Infusion system was first introduced in The Taken King expansion, allowing players to absorb higher level Light items into the items they liked most in their inventory. The April Update perfected the system in the eyes of most fans, making it a 1-to-1 Infusion system instead of a stair-stepped mechanic.

Bungie has confirmed that Infusion in its current state will carry through to Destiny: Rise of Iron, the expansion coming this fall. There was some concern that Infusion could have seen some significant changes due to the fact that Bungie will often widely modify things in Destiny with each major expansion.

However, Rise of Iron’s creative director, Christopher Barrett says Bungie is taking the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset:

“I think that system is working really well. We’ve gotten good feedback from fans, and they seem to like it. […] We’re looking to not fix what isn’t broken and look for stuff that fans have been asking for and looking to make tweaks for. We’re focusing on that stuff.”

destiny rise of iron - hunter armor

The 1-to-1 Infusion system is not the only thing moving into Destiny‘s Year Three, but the weapons currently at Light level in Year Two will also endure into Rise of Iron. Many of Destiny‘s weapons and armor from Year One were left behind when The Taken King came out, but Barrett says the same won’t be true with Rise of Iron:

“The stuff that you have now that you like and love, you’ll be able to bring up to the new power level, the new Light level.”

That decision is most likely a result of the increased weapon diversity currently in the game. While there are favorites, Year One gave players some weapons that were so powerful there was not any reason to load out a character with anything else (looking at you, Fatebringer). But with the removal of elemental primaries, a surge of new weapons, and numerous weapon tweaks, Bungie seems confident that including loot from Year Two won’t off balance the new content coming in Rise of Iron.

There are exciting times coming for Destiny fans as Bungie will continue to reveal more about Rise of Iron in the coming months. Also, in the twilight of Year Two, it appears that players will have some things to do to claim their Moments of Triumph to mark the end of this year in Destiny.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20, 2016 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Mashable