Destiny: How to Get the Year 3 Icebreaker

Destiny The Dawning

After revealing the return of Icebreaker in a trailer for The Dawning, a new video reveals how Destiny: Rise of Iron fans can finally get their hands on one.

Last update December 30th, 2017 As expected, Bungie revealed its plans for the near future of Destiny with a new trailer showing a seasonal event called The Dawning. Taking inspiration from the holiday season, players are getting a heaping helping of content including new quests, gear wrapped in presents, a strike scoring system, and the return of the Sparrow Racing League. For many though, the most exciting announcement from The Dawning is the return of the immensely popular exotic sniper rifle, Icebreaker.

Thanks to Arekkz Gaming, fans now know how to earn the exotic which was introduced alongside this seasonal event earlier in December. Commander Zavala is the point of contact for the Icebreaker as the titan is now the holder of new strike bounties. The strike scoring system is coming alongside the new even which essentially applies the scoring element from other areas in the game such as the Crucible or Prison of Elders and applies it to the many strike playlists. When guardians play through the SIVA Crisis strike playlist, Nightfall, or the Heroic strike playlist now, various kills or actions visibly reward points on the screen.

Destiny Icebreaker

Similarly to the weekly and daily bounties that are tied to other modes, players will be asked to complete various tasks, such as earning a gold, silver, or bronze medal, get 150 kills as a team, and numerous other activities. Finishing bounties goes towards a new strike faction as well as a record book with even more goodies for players to unlock. The real prize here however is the chance at an Icebreaker.

Just like the Year 3 Thorn, earning the Icebreaker exotic quest will take a bit of luck. Each week, Zavala offers three Weekly Elite bounties for players to complete in an effort to earn significant rewards. In order to have a slight chance to earn the Icebreaker, fans will need to complete the Sunrise bounty, which requires that players earn a Gold Tier Achieved medal before time expires in the Nightfall. Each strike carries a different points total for bronze, silver, and gold, as the first week of the Dawning featured the newly remastered Nexus which gave players 30 minutes to complete the Nightfall as well as earn 50,000 points.

Even though The Dawning is ending for good on January 3, the strike scoring system and its bounties will remain permanently. This allowing players who may not have been as lucky during ther event another chance to unlock the quest and the two new ornaments for the weapon.

Featuring a unique perk called No Backpack, the Icebreaker does not require the user to reload the gun and is capable of generating its own ammunition putting it on par with other guns that can self-generate ammo like the Invective, an exotic shotgun.  This makes the sniper a trusted ally when the Juggler modifier is active for Nightfall and Strike playlists, as players don't need to worry about ammo or even leaving cover as the gun will handle all that automatically. Unfortunately, Bungie left the gun behind when it converted a number of exotics to Year 3 status, leaving fans to wonder if the sniper rifle would ever make a return to its former glory.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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