Rumor: Destiny's Rise of Iron Expansion Features Fallen Raid

destiny fallen concept art

Sources say Destiny's fall expansion will feature a raid featuring the Fallen, based on a raid that was cut from last year's House of Wolves expansion.

Destiny's developer Bungie revealed earlier this year that a major expansion would be coming in the fall of 2016, but since then hasn't given any details on said expansion. Today, however, a Reddit user posted a picture that supposedly shows the title and cover art of Destiny's fall expansion, which is rumored to be called Rise of Iron.

Since the leak, Kotaku is reporting that the information about Rise of Iron is true. Along with that comes information that the Rise of Iron expansion will include a raid. More than that, the raid may be based on the raid that was cut from the House of Wolves expansion, which debuted a year ago.

Early rumors about the House of Wolves included a raid that would take place in the Reef, but that speculation was squashed when Bungie made it very clear at the announcement of Destiny's second expansion that it would not come with a raid. The horde-type mode, Prison of the Elders, became the new endgame activity for that expansion, culminating in the mechanic-heavy boss Skolas.

Destiny - New Raid Reef

Fans still were disappointed at the loss of that expansion's raid, since they are one of Destiny's most-loved activities. Officially, Bungie said that House of Wolves would not get a raid so the team could focus on the biggest raid yet to debut later that year, which ended up being King's Fall. That raid came out in September 2015, with The Taken King expansion.

Interestingly, according to Kotaku, Bungie had at one point planned on releasing the rumored Fallen raid this April, most likely with the recent April Update, but it was "delayed a while back." There's no more detail about why the raid was delayed, but according to reports the leadership shake up at Bungie caused the developer to push Destiny 2 out to 2017, and add the Rise of Iron expansion. Further, creative director Luke Smith (who was the creative director on The Taken King) has reportedly taken over leading development of Destiny's sequel, which was recently rebooted according to Kotaku's sources.

Many of these rumors are almost certainly to be cleared up at this year's E3 next month. Bungie nor Activision have yet to comment on any of the Rise of Iron leaks.

What do you think of these leaks about Destiny's rumored Rise of Iron expansion? Do you think they are legitimate? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku

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