Destiny: Rise of Iron New Exotic Teased by Ornament


Scrupulous Destiny fans comb new footage to catch screens of one or two unannounced exotics coming to Destiny with Rise of Iron, including a new exotic sword.

Bungie has shown off a lot of the content that is coming in Destiny's fall expansion, Rise of Iron. The developer has been pretty open with revealing much of the new end-game armor sets, glimpses of the new raid, and modes like Archon's Forge. But one thing that has been held back are many of the exotics coming with the expansion.

Besides announcements that fan-favorites like Gjallarhorn and Thorn exotics are coming back, fans have had to piece together footage to what they suspect to be new additions to Destiny's highest tier weapon class. With a bevy of footage out now, many keen-eyed fans are finding hints to those weapons players can expect.

With the first exotic, fans have only a name to go by. IGN posted a video that showed off some of the new Ornaments, which fans can use to customize the appearance of armor and select exotics with new skins. Among those was an Ornament called Born in Fire, which pairs with a never-before-seen exotic called The Young Wolf's Howl. Nothing else is known about this weapon at the time.


But, could The Young Wolf's Howl be an exotic sword? In a preview video released by GameSpot, fans quickly noticed a new exotic sword in the character inventory. It bears the Rise of Iron emblem and from its inventory image, it looks to be emblazoned with the Iron Lords' wolf crest.


It's possible that either this is The Young Wolf's Howl or a new exotic all its own. Rise of Iron is less than a week away, so fans won't have to wait long to solve this mystery.

Another exotic that is known, is the pulse rifle that may be the raid exotic. The weapon's name is unknown, but judging by its SIVA theme, it is likely to not be The Young Wolf's Howl.

Bungie has said that many of the exotics in Rise of Iron will be earned via quests, continuing the tradition set up in The Taken King, like the quest that let players gain the Sleeper Simulant. In fact, every player will be able to earn Gjallarhorn and Thorn as long as they are able to complete the required quest steps.

Surely, there will still be exotics that will only be gained by old-fashion random drops, but it is unknown whether The Young Wolf's Howl or the exotic sword (if it is a separate exotic) will be part of the quest system or not.

Check back here on Game Rant once Rise of Iron launches, as we will have guides for gaining all of Destiny's new exotics as they become available.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Sources: Destiny Reddit and GameSpot

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