Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion continues the game’s exclusive PlayStation 4 content trend, providing a special PvP map, quest, and reward on the platform.

As rumored earlier this month, Destiny‘s upcoming Rise of Iron expansion can now be confirmed to have PlayStation 4 exclusive content. Considering each of the game’s previous add-ons have each featured exclusive content for the platform, that news shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. However, Destiny‘s Xbox players will be pleased to hear that this expansion’s content will not include a Strike like previous expansions.

According to official promotional art for Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion on PlayStation 4, players on that platform can expect a goodie bag of digital content. Most prominent of the goodies is an exclusive “PvP Multiplayer Map,” details of which are under wraps. Next on the list is an exclusive quest-line for the PlayStation 4, assumed to be PvE in nature. The final bullet point is, naturally, “Reward.” One would likely be safe in assuming the reward is associated with the previously mentioned quest-line, and that it could be the spaceship shown in the art.

As with previous expansions, the exclusive content will come to Xbox One after a set amount of time. In this case, Fall 2017 seems to be the earliest date at which the content will be unlocked for all of Destiny‘s players who acquire Rise of Iron.

Destiny Rise of Iron's PlayStation 4 Exclusives

While downplaying an exclusive PvP map would be an error, this Rise of Iron exclusive PlayStation 4 content certainly seems to be scaled back from previous expansions’ content. A whole Strike was included with each previous expansion for PS4 players, which all players would inevitably play a significant number of times. Plus, given the relatively limited number of Strikes available at times, an extra one was that much more significant.

Why the change then? Perhaps Bungie is growing more empathetic with their Xbox One audienceand decided to be less punishing with Rise of Iron. Or perhaps the studio and publisher Activision is already preparing for a Destiny 2 release that won’t feature exclusive content at all — a more platform agnostic focus for the franchise.

Maybe PlayStation simply didn’t want as large-scale of an exclusivity deal as prior with Destiny. The hope is that wherever the decision was made, it was made with players in mind. No one’s really a fan of exclusivity if they can avoid it.

Destiny‘s next expansion, Rise of Iron, will launch on September 20 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.