More Destiny: Rise of Iron Details Leak From Google Ad

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An ad on Google spills more details about the soon-to-be-revealed Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron, confirming a new raid and story focused on the Lords of Iron.

Just days after Rise of Iron was trademarked by Destiny developer Bungie, it appears more details have found their way onto Google, adding to the credibility of the art leak and subsequent information about Destiny's fall expansion a few weeks ago.

The Destiny Google ad was discovered by Twitch streamer, Gothalion, who tweeted out a screen cap of the page.


The description text on the ad says, "Discover the fate of the Iron Lords." This seems to confirm that Lord Saladin is in fact the character on the cover art, and that the new story (also mentioned in the ad) will focus on him and the figures in Destiny lore known as the Iron Lords, a group of powerful Guardians who defended the Last City in great battles of the past.

The ad also mentions a new raid, rumored to be a Fallen raid "with a twist" that has reportedly been in development since last summer. Also, as is expected in any expansion to Bungie's loot-driven shooter, Rise of Iron is said to also bring new weapons and armor to collect.

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The Google ad is drawing information from the official Destiny website that is likely being updated on the back end ahead of Bungie's Rise of Iron reveal stream this Thursday, June 9th.

Not mentioned by the ad is anything about a raised Light level cap, new strikes, PvP maps, or the possibility of new subclasses; however, that doesn't mean Destiny's next expansion won't include one or more of those things. The Google ad is pulling what someone on the development side has entered in as the expansion's highlights.

Rise of Iron is expected to be Destiny's fall expansion, and it is believed to be about the size of The Taken King expansion that released last fall. That's the next content on the horizon for Destiny, as the game's sequel is not expected until 2017, and with recent rumors that Destiny 2 was rebooted, it is unknown how far into next year fans will have to wait to get their hands on it.

All the rumors about Rise of Iron should be put to rest this Thursday when Bungie livestreams its next reveal, with the possibility of even more shown off next week at E3.

What has you most excited for Destiny: Rise of Iron?

Source: Gothalion via Twitter

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