Destiny: Rise of Iron Young Wolf’s Howl Exotic Sword Gameplay

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is live and there is a ton of new content to pour over, but the expansion's exotic sword, Young Wolf's Howl, is one of the highlights.

With the Iron Lords ready to rise again and a new threat looming over Earth, Guardians can use all the help they can get; and a badass sword is a good start. Young Wolf's Howl is an exotic sword available in Destiny: Rise of Iron that not only looks great, but will be an invaluable weapon in this new fight.

Destiny's latest expansion dropped today and there is suddenly a lot to do and a lot to collect. While the game will be packed with new exotic weapons, as well as some familiar destructive devices, many players have been eyeing the new exotic sword since it was revealed.

YouTuber Arekkz recently posted a good five minutes of gameplay to show off Young Wolf's Howl, along with a breakdown of its various looks and, most importantly, information on how to acquire it.


Young Wolf's Howl is a solar damage sword that be upgraded with new abilities just like the swords available in The Taken King expansion, and just like those swords it has a special ability; in this case Howling Flames, which unleashes a solar eruption that weakens enemies and damages them over time.

The standard look of the sword is a long, sleek straight blade with the Iron Lords emblem glowing hot near the hilt and handle is adorned with leather and furs. Using ornaments is a new mechanic that allows players to customize the appearance of their weapons and Young Wolf's Howl can be equipped with two different ornaments, each altering the look of the sword. The Wolves Remember will turn the sword black, while Born in Fire will make the sword appear cracked with fiery veins coursing through the blade, as if its core was hot magma. In-game they each have their own unique flairs that are sure to draw envy from onlookers – which is really the whole point.

So how does a Guardian get their hands on this bad boy? Surprisingly, the answer is to simply play through the main campaign. Once the main set of objectives is complete, it will be bestowed on players who will be eager to start cutting their enemies down with blazing fury – like a hot knife through Fallen. Considering the hoops Bungie had players jumping through to acquire exotic swords in the last expansion, this should come as a relief to those who will be too busy grinding the light level for the new raid to be bothered.

For a more in-depth look at Young Wolf's Howl in action, check out the video above, which also includes an overview of the sword's ability tree and various looks.

Stay tuned to Game Rant for more Destiny: Rise of Iron news, as well as guides on how to survive The Plaguelands.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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