Destiny: Rise of Iron Players Unlock Exotic Raid Pulse Rifle

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Destiny raid group Math Class solves the mysterious monitor puzzle inside of the Wrath of the Machine raid, uncovering a new exotic weapon quest line and a powerful pulse rifle.

The latest and last expansion for Destiny only launched last week and already it has been making waves around the community. Not only have players started to uncover some of the many secrets hidden with in Rise of Iron, but an exciting race kicked off last Friday as teams competed to be the first to complete the newest raid called Wrath of the Machine. One of the bigger raid secrets that had been puzzling the community has finally been solved, leading to the discovery of a powerful exotic weapon.

The raid group, Math Class featuring the popular Destiny YouTuber Datto, not only solved the mysterious monitor puzzle that had been stumping players participating in the Wrath of the Machine raid, but the group wrapped up a new exotic weapon quest as well. Datto and his crew managed to capture the entire four hour process on his Twitch channel, where fans could follow along with their progress.


As a reward for the hours of work put in and taking out the raid boss Aksis Prime, Datto and his crew managed to reveal the last of the known exotic weapon quest lines called Channeling the Corruption. While part of the quest requires that the player form a fireteam to complete various tasks with the other two class types, finishing the chain unlocks the exotic raid pulse rifle, Outbreak Prime.


The SIVA corrupted pulse rifle drops at 390 light, has a high rate of fire and reload speed, and features a number of interesting perks like Outlaw, which increases reload speed with precision kills. Perhaps the most interesting aspect to this weapon however is with its exotic perks. Similar to the exotic hand cannon Thorn, Outbreak Prime features damage over time abilities through perks like Virulence and The Corruption Spreads. Simply hitting an enemy with the weapon causes SIVA nanites to spread and attack other enemies. Precision kills release a nanite swarm that actively attacks other nearby enemies as well.

It's clear that Bungie is a fan of secrets, as fans have been deciphering and uncovering new elements to Destiny ever since it launched two years ago. Hidden and secret quest lines have been a mainstay for a while now including last year's secret exotic, the Sleeper Simulant. The Taken King expansion also hid secrets in levels previously visited such as Lost to Light, where eager players uncovered an exotic sniper rifle called the Black Spindle hidden only when this level was featured as the Daily Heroic Story Mission.

What do you think of this weapon as a reward? Are you going to attempt to acquire this weapon? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: DattosDestiny Twitter

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