Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch Trailer Teases Growing SIVA Threat


Bungie releases the launch trailer for Destiny: Rise of Iron, which highlights Lord Saladin, a growing threat from SIVA, and even shows off more of the upcoming raid.

With only a few days left until the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron, there isn’t much more for Bungie to say about the upcoming Year 3 expansion. The developers have detailed some of the new story missions, revealed new gear, and even said more about the upcoming raid than in past years. All that was really left to do was the marketing, and Bungie has done just that with today’s Destiny: Rise of Iron launch trailer.

As with past Destiny expansion launch trailers, the Rise of Iron teaser is comprised of both CGI cutscene footage and gameplay. The expectation is that the CGI scenes will pepper the main story missions, but at this point it’s unclear. That being said, we do know that Rise of Iron kicks off with a pretty stellar opening, according to those that have played the first Rise of Iron story mission. The Taken King kicked off with quite a bang, though, so it will be interesting to see how Bungie tries to top that.

The launch trailer does a solid job of setting up the story in the Rise of Iron, which sees the Guardians working with Lord Saladin to stop an emerging threat. That threat is SIVA, an organic life form that was once shut away by the Iron Lords, but has now been unleashed on Earth. Now it is up to the player to stop the spread of SIVA and become an Iron Lord in the process.


There are also brief teases of the new raid, showing how the group of 6 Guardians will venture to new heights, before descending to finish the fight below the Cosmodrome. It even appears as if players enter a giant Servitor at some point, perhaps to take on the main raid boss.

How exactly everything will play out is better left for Rise of Iron, but for now it appears Bungie has left players with an enticing trailer. Of course, most of the story missions and the revamped strikes are in service of acquiring new gear, which in turn will help players prepare for the Wrath of the Machine raid, but Destiny has become more focused on the journey than in past expansions. Some like to harp on the lack of story in the vanilla Destiny release, but it’s hard to deny Bungie hasn’t improved on its storytelling since.

Whether or not the entire package will come together, however, is yet to be seen. Rise of Iron is a slightly less expansive add-on than the Taken King, but it’s the first new meaningful content addition that Destiny has received in a year. Needless to say, anticipation for the DLC is very high and if the end product is as exciting as this launch trailer then fans will be very satisfied.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases September 20, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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