Destiny: Rise of Iron Trailer Leak Reveals Gjallarhorn Pre-Order Bonus

destiny rise of iron - gjallarhorn back

Update: Bungie has released the official Destiny: Rise of Iron trailer!

In just a few hours, Bungie will host its Rise of Iron reveal stream, where it is expected to unveil the future of Destiny content. Unfortunately, the advertising folks at Snapchat didn’t get the memo, and decided to launch the campaign a few hours too early.

Lucky for us, one Destiny fan was able to grab some snapshots from the Destiny: Rise of Iron. They also wrote down the brief narration featured in the trailer, which confirms many of the prior leaks about the Iron Lords and the plagued Fallen. However, one element that we had yet to learn about, but that was revealed by the trailer, is that the Gjallarhorn will be back in Year 3, albeit with a twist.

Curious Destiny fans can check out the screenshots below, many of which fall in line with prior Rise of Iron imagery. We see what appears to be Lord Saladin advancing with his wolves in an icy landscape, before the footage eventually cuts to new shots of the plagued Fallen.


It’s hard to tell given the quality of the screenshots, but it appears that the plague will give the Fallen a reddish hue and mutate their anatomy in some gnarly ways. And it will be up to the Guardians to stop The Plague from rising up once again, or at least that’s what Saladin’s narration suggests:

"We thought we were indestructible, The Lords of Iron. We swore we would do anything to protect the Last City. Some of us paid the ultimate price. I am all that remains. We thought we had sealed away The Plague for eternity. But now it has returned, and this time with a Fallen Army! It is time to avenge my brothers and sisters. Stand with me guardian, prove yourself worthy, and the Iron Lords will rise again!"

The trailer also confirms prior rumors about a new raid, new weapons and armor, and a new social space – all of which are seen briefly in the trailer. It also appears as though one of the new bosses (either in the new Strike or the new raid) will be a massive tank. Or is that a massive Shank?!

But the real money shot of the Destiny: Rise of Iron trailer comes at the end, where Bungie reveals that the fan-favorite Gjallarhorn rocket launcher will return in Year 3. However, this won’t be the Year 1 Gjallarhorn brought forward to Year 3 power levels; this is a new Iron Gjallarhorn, and it will only be available to pre-order holders.

destiny rise of iron - servitor plague

destiny rise of iron - social space

destiny rise of iron - the plague

destiny rise of iron - titan armor

destiny rise of iron - wall

destiny rise of iron - plagued fallen

destiny rise of iron - raid boss

destiny rise of iron - raid jump

destiny rise of iron - hunter armor

destiny rise of iron - gjallarhorn back

destiny rise of iron - iron gjallarhorn pre order

destiny rise of iron - logo

It’s fair to say that using the Gjallarhorn as a pre-order bonus is a devious trick on Bungie and Activision’s part, but it’s sure to guarantee fans will reserve their spot in Year 3. We’d bet that Bungie is still playing things safe, though, and there is likely plans to move the regular Gjallarhorn forward as well. That or the developer really wants to be drug through the mud in the comments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is rumored for a September 20, 2016 release date on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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