Destiny's New Supremacy Mode is Like COD's Kill Confirmed

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Bungie reveals the new Supremacy Crucible mode that will be added with Destiny: Rise of Iron, and it looks a lot like the Kill Confirmed mode in Call of Duty.

Although the announcement of private matches was likely the bigger reveal out of this week’s Destiny: Rise of Iron stream at Gamescom, the event also played host to the first official unveiling of Supremacy, a new game mode for Year 3. Like  last year, Supremacy is meant to add a new dynamic to Destiny’s PvP, offering competitive players the chance to change up tactics within a familiar framework.

But, where Mayhem was meant to give Destiny players a completely exaggerated multiplayer mode, Supremacy is a lot more traditional in its makeup. Specifically, it’s a mode that borrows heavily from the lead of Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed.

Scoring in Supremacy is focused on making sure to confirm a kill by capturing an opponent’s fallen crest. Capture said crest, and the team will earn two points – one for the person who captures the crest and one for the player who actually got the kill.

However, if a player retrieves the crest of a fallen teammate before any opponent does, then no points are given. There’s obviously going to be some strategy in claiming crests, because going after those two points may put a player in danger. It also means that players who tend to sty out of the action and keep their opponents at range (i.e. snipers) will need to have strong teammates to help pick up crests. If not, then the effort and limited special ammo is wasted.

It may be reductive, but Destiny’s version of Kill Confirmed is sure to have its fair share of fans. Kill Confirmed has been a very popular mode for Call of Duty, and considering both it and Destiny fall under the Activision publishing banner it’s not surprising to see one borrow from the other.

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Moreover, the addition of Supremacy and private matches opens up larger tournament possibilities, at least at the top tier levels. Kill Confirmed has become one of the modes of choice when it comes to MLG tournaments, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Supremacy make the same leap for Destiny.

No doubt plenty of Rise of Iron players will become acquainted with Supremacy in the early goings-on, but if not they will soon after Destiny’s latest DLC expansion releases. That’s because the first Iron Banner of Year 3 will feature the Supremacy mode, presumably as a way to test out its viability. But keep in mind that only those who upgrade to Destiny: Rise of Iron, either with the standalone DLC or Destiny: The Collection, will be able to participate in Supremacy matches.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases September 20, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Image: Game Informer

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