Bungie announces when they will be giving fans another glimpse of Destiny’s major fall expansion, Rise of Iron, announcing a reveal stream just around the corner.

Destiny fans are hungry for any more information about the game’s next major expansion, slated for a release this fall. Destiny: Rise of Iron will expand the game and add content including a new raid, story, multiplayer maps and mode, and a new Patrol space to explore.

The next time fans will be able to glimpse the new content coming this fall is on a Twitch stream titled “Cosmodrome Winter Tour,” hosted by Bungie next Wednesday, July 20 at 10 a.m. Pacific time. However, before fans get too carried away that this will be a reveal of the new Plaguelands destination, Bungie has made it clear that it isn’t lifting that veil yet:

This will not be an incursion into the Plaguelands. That’s for later. Before your adventures into new territories begin, you’re invited to join us for an exploration of how the world you know has changed with the passage of time.

That also probably means that fans shouldn’t expect to see the new Fallen Devil Splicer enemy faction, which appears to only be found inside of the Plaguelands. That and other news about the new social space and multiplayer aren’t expected to be mentioned either.

As Bungie has stated before, there will be a substantial passage of time between the current state of Destiny with The Taken King expansion and Rise of Iron. One of the ways that will be communicated to the player is through the Cosmodrome Patrol mode to be shown off Wednesday.

Rise of Iron Cosmodrome

For one thing, much of the Cosmodrome will be covered in a winter snow, parts of the great wall running through the area will be broken and changed, and there will be evidence of the battles fought on its ground.

To find out all the details revealed so far, be sure to check out Game Rant’s Everything We Know about Destiny: Rise of Iron.

The announcement came in Bungie’s weekly This Week At Bungie blog. Also mentioned in the developer’s blog were more details about the upcoming transition and end of some support for Destiny PS3 and Xbox 360, which includes a shorter deadline for completing Moments of Triumph for Year Two.

Twitch streams have been Bungie’s primary way of making new reveals for quite some time now, and besides the initial reveal stream for Rise of Iron in June, this will be the first of more streams to come over the summer showing off Destiny fans’ next adventure.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie