Destiny: Check Out the First Rise of Iron Story Mission


Footage shows what fans can expect from Rise of Iron's first story mission including an on-rails shooting section, new weather effects, and the return of a classic boss.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is just about a week away from launch, and official gameplay of the first story mission has been released. It is that time of a Destiny expansion launch that those who want to stay spoiler-free need to be careful because droves of footage and spoilery content is making its way onto YouTube.

The first mission of Rise of Iron is called King of the Mountain. Here is the full uninterrupted footage of that mission from Destiny YouTuber MoreConsole, who visited Bungie to play and capture this Rise of Iron footage:


This story mission (the footage starts just after a cutscene that sets the stage for the story, but Bungie did not allow content creators to show it) tasks the player with a journey up a mountain under the charge of Lord Saladin, the primary quest giver in Rise of Iron. Saladin says there is an observatory at the mountain’s peak, but to anyone who has been paying attention to Rise of Iron coverage will know that the new social space, Felwinter Peak and the Iron Temple, can be found there.

Players will immediately notice the blizzard weather effects that are new to Destiny, but there is not a lot of time to mosey around as Saladin says there are Fallen making their way up the mountain. The first notable section of the mission is a gondola ride, where players will be locked in a cable car as they traverse up the mountain taking out Fallen on the adjacent peaks as they ascend.


After the gondola takes heavy damage, players climb the rest of the way on foot. At the top, Guardians will cross an old wooden bridge to find the true prize at the top of Felwinter Peak. Surrounded by statues of wolves, the Iron Temple stands at the top. But before players can enter, they must hold the fortress against the Fallen, including Sepiks Perfected, the resurrected boss from the Year One strike, Devil’s Lair. Once defeated, players will be treated to another cutscene (that once again is not shown by MoreConsole).

From the footage shown, Rise of Iron appears to continue in the lineage of The Taken King, which injected more narrative into Destiny. Saladin is much more serious than Cayde-6 was in The Taken King’s story missions, but Nolan North's Ghost looks to be trying to make up for that a bit with more quips and one-liners thrown the player’s way.

It looks to be a great way to kick off Rise of Iron, and it won’t be long before fans can play the mission for themselves. Plus, fans will have Private Matches to hold them over until the expansion drops.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: MoreConsole

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