Destiny: Rise of Iron's New Raid Weapons & Unique Perks Revealed

More data mining uncovers the new raid weapons that will drop from the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny: Rise of Iron and reveals the new raid perks.

The newest raid coming to Destiny, called Wrath of the Machine, is set to launch on Friday. It will be a few days after the launch of the Rise of Iron expansion, which will give players enough time to grind up to the recommended 360 Light level to enter the raid.

But ahead of the raid’s official launch, Destiny's online database containing Rise of Iron’s new items (including some new exotics) has revealed what fans can expect from Wrath of the Machine’s raid weapons and armor. Bungie has already shown off the raid armor and some foundry weapons modified with the expansion’s SIVA virus look to be the raid weapons. Looking at the unique perks of these weapons, there definitely appears to be reason to grind out the raid to gain them.

rise of iron raid armor set

It should go without saying, there will be some spoilers ahead regarding the weapons in Wrath of the Machine. All of the raid’s weapons have a special intrinsic perk that pairs with a more common perk, but makes these weapons unique. Here are some of the unique pairings that could be quite powerful:

  • The auto rifle, Genesis Chain, has Focused Fire with the new Focused Firefly perk: “While Focused Fire is active, precision kills cause the target to explode.”
  • Ether Nova, the fusion rifle, has Two for One, which “Doubles the effectiveness of the Army of One perk,” which it is paired with.
  • The hand cannon, Fever and Remedy, and the sidearm, Zeal Vector, possess perks that grant players a damage bonus and increased Agility upon reloading after a kill.
  • The If Materia heavy machine gun and the Chaos Dogma scout rifle pair Triple Tap and the new Triple Double, which will result in two bonus rounds added to the magazine after three headshots in a row.
  • Steel Medulla, the pulse rifle, is full auto and with the new Sign of Four perk, will cause the fourth burst landed on a target to do bonus damage.
  • The rocket launcher, Sound and Fury, has Reactive Reload for increased reload speed and Wait for It, a new perk that will grant a larger than normal magazine upon reload.
  • Quantiplasm is a shotgun that could become quite the annoyance in the Crucible as it pairs Battle Runner, giving players a boost after a kill, with Running Interference, which will boost Armor while Battle Runner is active.
  • Ex Machina, the sniper rifle, has Spray and Play, which increases the reload speed when the magazine is empty and Wait for It, granting a larger than normal magazine upon reload.

All the weapons also have the perk Whirlwind’s Curse: “This weapon does bonus damage against Fallen. Bonus Agility when this weapon is equipped.” That should come in handy for the raid as the main enemies players will fight are Fallen, and the raid has been described as a fast-paced experienced with a lot of action.

The primary weapons do not possess elemental damage, a design that Bungie has moved away from since The Taken King in order to increase weapon variety.

Wrath of the Machine launches Friday, September 23rd at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available September 20th on PS4 and Xbox One.

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