Destiny: Here's When the New Wrath of the Machine Raid Releases

Bungie reveals when Destiny's newest Fallen-themed raid will be available for fans to play for the first time, just a few days after the release of Rise of Iron.

Most Destiny fans would agree that one of (if not the) most unique activities in Bungie's sci-fi shared world shooter is the raids. These 6-person cooperative endgame PvE activity requires fireteams to plan, solve, communicate, and overcome some of the toughest encounters Bungie has ever made.

So with each Destiny expansion's release, fans are eager for details about newest challenge awaiting them. Bungie usually plays it close to the chest when it comes to releasing details of each raid. And the raid coming in Rise of Iron is no different. However, the name of the raid and its launch date have been announced.

Wrath of the Machine, a raid that features the Fallen and the SIVA-transformed Devil Splicers, will launch September 23. That is just three days after the launch of Rise of Iron itself, giving fans just a few days to climb the progression system to the new 385 Light cap in preparation for the game's hardest PvE endgame activity.

rise of iron raid

This is not too far off what Bungie has done before with the raid launch dates. In fact, it is the exact schedule Bungie had with The Taken King's raid, King's Fall. Wrath of the Machine will launch on the Friday after the Tuesday release of Rise of Iron. King's Fall went live at 10 a.m. Pacific Time and it is very likely that is also when Wrath of the Machine will go live.

What is known about the raid is that it will start in a public area (similar to how Vault of Glass started),  in the new Plaguelands patrol area. As always, the raid will not have matchmaking; players will have to enter with pre-formed fireteams of six. Bungie has yet to reveal if Wrath of the Machine will have Challenge Modes like King's Fall did, but the studio does say part of the fun of the raid involves players figuring it all out for themselves.

The only other detail known at this time is the armor set that will drop in the raid. It has design elements of the SIVA and the Warminds. The gear that drops in Wrath of the Machine will take Guardians past the 385 Light level cap to a new 400 Light cap.

destiny rise of iron - titan armor

Fans are sure to have their hands full again as they rush to level their Guardians, expand their arsenal, and prepare for Wrath of the Machine. There could be some amazing builds that fans can put together to face the challenges of Wrath of the Machine, especially with the new artifacts being added to Rise of Iron.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Reddit

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