Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid's Heroic Mode Has Been Beaten


An intrepid Fireteam of Guardians officially achieve World First status as the first to beat Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine raid on its Heroic difficulty.

As many Guardians are surely aware, video game developer Bungie officially released Update 2.4.1 for its science fiction shooter Destiny: Rise of Iron at about 10:00 AM PT today, while scheduling the Wrath of the Machine raid's Heroic Mode for 2:00 PM PT. Although the increased difficulty for the team-based activity was just released this afternoon, it has already been beaten, with the very first hard mode defeat of Aksis going to the PlayStation 4 clan known as Die Busfahrer, which translates from German to English as "the bus drivers."

As seen in the tweet from Bungie below, the studio verifies clan Die Busfahrer's World First status and congratulates the group of Guardians for their feat right after 3:00 PM PT, which is just an hour later from the launch of the Destiny raid's Heroic Mode. The successful Fireteam consisted of the players Volt230, TehCupido, skillprofi-1, E_N_D_23, PreeeY, and ProX_Exotic.


Of course, while Die Busfahrer's speedy completion of Destiny's Wrath of the Machine raid through its Heroic Mode is absolutely impressive, it makes sense for the clan to have finished it faster than the original World First raid group of Team Redeem. As it stands, Guardians have had about a month's worth of time to be able to become familiar with all of the different enemies, mechanics, and platforming that Bungie provides for players to tackle.

Interestingly enough, though, while Die Busfahrer has officially become the World First for the Heroic Mode of Destiny's Wrath of the Machine raid, Team Redeem wasn't too far behind in the rankings. As a matter of fact, the latter clan took third place in the rankings, and The Legend Himself group finished the raid in a little less than two minutes behind Die Busfahrer and slightly over two minutes ahead of Redeem for the number two spot.


Naturally, even though Destiny's Wrath of the Machine raid has already been beaten on its hardest difficulty, this doesn't mean that these Guardians will stop playing it altogether. What's next on the aforementioned clans' respective dockets is surely becoming the Fireteam that can beat the Heroic Mode in the fastest time possible for the speedrun World Record.

Beyond taking on Wrath of the Machine in a straightforward manner, there will also be plenty of Guardians who decide to try their hands at beating it in strange, yet magnificent ways, such as the Destiny streamer realkraftyy, who tried a flawless run with his mom and dad. Taking all of this into consideration, we ought to see some pretty interesting playthroughs of Wrath of the Machine in the coming weeks.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie — Twitter 1, 2

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