Is This Destiny: Rise of Iron's Raid Exotic?

rise of iron exotic pulse rifle

Fans spot a new exotic weapon coming in Destiny: Rise of Iron, and some are speculating that it could be the new exotic tied to the Wrath of the Machine raid.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will bring a new collection of legendary and exotic weapons to Destiny for Year Three. Bungie has shown glimpses of many of them, although many exotics in particular, remain a mystery. One exotic that Bungie has teased in its latest trailer looks to be a powerful pulse rifle. Could it be the exotic connected to Destiny’s newest raid?

Arekkz Gaming put together a video showcasing the few moments of footage Bungie has released of this weapon:


Fans know about this exotic pulse rifle because a Game Informer article earlier this month mentioned a new exotic pulse rifle that would release Gjallarhorn-like tracking rounds after an enemy is killed with a precision shot. Keen-eyed fans spotted that weapon in action in Bungie’s ViDoc released during Gamescom.

The weapon looks to be inspired by the Sleeper Simulant heavy fusion rifle, but smaller. And it definitely has a red SIVA theme to it as well. That has many fans speculating that this weapon (whose name is still unknown) will be a reward from the new Wrath of the Machine raid, or perhaps a reward for a questline connected to the raid.

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Destiny has always had an exotic weapon to chase in each raid: Vault of Glass had the Vex Mythoclast, which only dropped from Atheon on Hard Mode; Crota’s End had the underwhelming Necrochasm, which had a little bit of a quest mechanic connected to it (prior to quests being introduced to the game); and King’s Fall had Touch of Malice, a very involved quest that led to a weapon which was extremely useful for the raid itself.

It is unknown whether this exotic will be tied to Wrath of the Machine, but it definitely looks the part from the weapon design to its exotic perk, which looks to be extremely powerful, especially in PvE against low-tiered enemy groups. As seen in the video above, the tracking rounds deal out significant damage to the enemy that is killed. This weapon could be extremely effective to enemy mobs if players can continually hit headshots.

Bungie has confirmed that quests are still alive and well in Rise of Iron, which will also the be the avenue that fans earn other exotics including Gjallarhorn and Thorn. Only time will tell, but players should definitely keep their eyes out for this exotic, no matter how it's earned.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will laucnh September 20, 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Arekkz Gaming

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