This week at E3, Destiny developer Bungie is talking the game’s next expansion, Rise of Iron, and has given a few more details about its upcoming raid.

Destiny is not making a big show at E3 this year. It was absent from Sony’s press conference on Monday night, where it has appeared the previous three years. But while Destiny and its new fall expansion, Rise of Iron, is not playable at the show, many developers from Bungie are present to talk about what’s next in the Destiny universe.

The new raid coming in Rise of Iron is one of the expansion’s greatest mysteries, and one that fans are always eager to hear about. Bungie has been mum on the topic, but creative director Christopher Barrett has let a few details slip.

The raid will center around the expansion’s new enemy type, a mutated version of the Fallen called the Devil Splicers. Barrett says the raid will start in a public space, most likely in The Plaguelands, the new destination on earth being added in Rise of Iron.

rise of iron raid start

The new raid will start in a very similar way as Destiny‘s first raid, Vault of Glass. Fans generally enjoyed the public space start to Vault of Glass, which meant random players could wander into the area while a raid team was trying to complete the first stage of the raid. It appears Rise of Iron’s raid may feature a similar situation.

In addition, Barrett also confirmed that the raid will continue to require players to form their own fireteams—there is no matchmaking for the raid. This has been the case for every raid in Destiny and is therefore not surprising, but still disappointing for solo players. Bungie has said in the past that since Destiny‘s endgame activity requires high-level play and lots of communication and coordination between six players, the developer has avoided putting random players together.

That is despite fans finding their own ways to matchmake with others, including LFG sites or using Bungie’s own forums. Even so, fans continue to commonly request that matchmaking be added in for raids, letting them make their own choice to either enter the endgame activity with a pre-made group or a random group, accepting the associated risks with doing so.

Raid details will most likely continue to stay on the down low, that is unless Bungie suffers anymore leaks on the road to launch. Bungie says it will continue to talk about Rise of Iron throughout the summer as the launch comes closer.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: The Guardian