Destiny: Rise of Iron Adds Private Matches


Video game developer Bungie officially announces that Destiny's forthcoming expansion Rise of Iron adds private matches to the science fiction shooter.

Today, Bungie used its livestream during gamescom 2016 to reveal that Destiny's Rise of Iron is going to bring about one of the community's most requested features by finally incorporating private matchmaking into the game when the expansion releases next month. Not long from now, those who purchase Destiny's next major add-on will be able to set up their own Crucible matches with friends and choose the mode, map, score limit, time limit, Light level, as well as the time of day.

Furthermore, the multiplayer lobby for Guardians' private matches will be able to display their clan affiliation, but should fans not be affiliated with a group, players shouldn't worry about joining one, as Fireteam leaders will still be able to host their own matches. Not to mention, fans will also be able to begin a match solely by themselves should they wish to do simple exploratory activities like check out a new map such as the upcoming Icarus area being added to the Crucible in the PS4's exclusive content package or try out a weapon in order to become more familiar with it.

As seen in the images below, Destiny players are being given some of the keys to the Crucible, so to speak, with Guardians being able to set their own parameters and options for matches. So, whether its Supremacy being played on the Skyline map, or perhaps even the Control mode taking place on the Shores of Time stage, fans are given some pretty nifty options for personalized PvP settings for the time being. Of course, as the months march onward, the studio could potentially add even more choices like managing spawns, governing special and heavy ammo, and placing limits on ability recharges for more customization in the future, but that's yet to be confirmed.


For now, Bungie has declared that when the feature arrives, players will create Private Match lobbies in Destiny by having Fireteam leaders open the Director in Orbit, select the Crucible, and then pick the Private Match mode. Doing so then allows the matchmaker to select their desired settings under the new "Game Options" menu.

As far as Destiny's activity rewards are concerned, players may earn loot in the post-game activity rewards screen upon completing a private match, but only Rare gear is going to be awarded, while all who participated in the private match will receive 30 Crucible Reputation upon completion. Furthermore, Bungie writes "Exotic Engrams cannot drop from Three of Coins, and the Exotic Particles affect granted by Three of Coins will not be consumed upon the completion of a private match." Also, Guardians will be able to earn progress in private matches toward Daily Crucible Bounties and Test Weapons received from the Gunsmith, but it won't be earned toward Quests, Record Books, or Weekly Bounties.

Taking all of this into consideration, Bungie seems intent on giving Destiny fans a solid upcoming year of gameplay by listening to the community. In addition to Rise of Iron including the long-awaited private match feature, the studio is also going to allow class armor to be affected by Shaders once again. Plus, Bungie's developers recently revealed that the forthcoming DLC will give players a bit more power of selection by letting them choose the drops from Faction Rewards. Looking ahead, Rise of Iron has the potential to become the expansion that serves and caters to its fans the most in Destiny thus far.

Destiny's Rise of Iron DLC is set to launch on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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