Destiny: Rise of Iron Patch Fixes Strike Loot Drop Issues


Video game developer Bungie officially releases the patch notes for hotfix that provides fixes for Strike loot drop issues in its action-RPG Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Just recently, Bungie announced its plans to release hotfix for Destiny: Rise of Iron, but the developer opted to not disclose exactly what was in the patch until it became available. Thankfully, the update has finally gone live, and not only does it fix several issues involving loot drops in the Strikes, but also it brings about changes that no longer allows Guardians to farm Omnigul as a way to raise one's Light Level.

The next time Guardians log on to play Destiny: Rise of Iron on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, the game will automatically update itself in order to provide the changes in hotfix Should players be taking part in any activities, the title will log them out and ask for the patch to be downloaded before fans can jump back into the action.

As seen in the full patch notes for Destiny: Rise of Iron's hotfix below, the Abomination Heist and Winter’s Run Strike should both now be dropping loot at the correct Light Level, while Omnigul will now only drop rewards once during a Strike, requiring it to be completed in full in order for additional loot to be offered. Furthermore, Bungie fixed an issue involving players who completed the “Beauty in Destruction” quest not receiving their Year 3 Gjallarhorn, with those fans now being able to obtain the Exotic rocket launcher.




  • Fixed an issue where the Abomination Heist Strike was not dropping rewards with the correct Light
  • Fixed an issue where the Winter's Run Strike was not dropping rewards with the correct Light
  • Fixed an issue where the Echo Chamber Strike was appearing in the wrong playlist
  • Omnigul will now drop rewards once during a Strike and will require the Strike to be finished to drop additional rewards

Archon's Forge

  • Quarantine Patrols will now always drop an Archon’s Forge Offering upon killing the Splicer Priest in the second phase of the Activity
  • Archon’s Forge has a higher chance to drop Offerings upon completion


  • Fixed an issue where players who completed the "Beauty in Destruction" Questline did not receive a Gjallarhorn
    • Players can retrieve their Gjallarhorn from the Weapon Blueprint Collection on the Year 1 tab

    For those unaware, today's update is the second patch following the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron. The expansion itself had a fix on launch day for a bunch of minor bugs that were introduced within Update 2.4, including the rectification for a rather bizarre issue that made the screen look like it was using a film grain.

    Of course, neither of the aforementioned patches will be the last changes brought to Destiny, as the game continues to have some bugs and glitches. For instance, there were some players who recently came across the ability to totally skip past the entire Siege Machine boss fight within the Wrath of the Machine raid, and Bungie will surely address the issue relatively soon.

    Taking all of this into consideration, the post-launch problems facing Destiny: Rise of Iron thankfully haven't been too severe, much to the delight of the game's community. Naturally, though, the release of each patch has the potential to tinker with the title's stability, so it's quite possible for more pressing issues to crop up in the near future.

    Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    Source: Bungie

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