See How Destiny: Rise of Iron's Ornaments Change Weapons


Ornaments are a new addition to Destiny in the Rise of Iron expansion, transforming the look of exotic weapons with extremely unique weapon skins and effects.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is delivering a new way for fans to customize their Guardians and show off their own unique look. That's through the new Ornaments system. Bungie has already shown off many of the awesome ways armor can change with Ornaments equipped. But now Destiny's developer has revealed what Ornaments mean for some of the game's exotic weapons.

From an all-black MIDA Multi-Tool to an Invective that glows with lava under a cracked rock shell, many Ornaments appear to be a weapon skin on steroids. On the official Destiny Instagram page, Bungie shared all the Ornament-enabled exotic weapons coming in Rise of Iron:


Bungie has also revealed that some of these Ornaments have more to them than just a new look. For example, the Moonglow Ornament for Hawkmoon, which makes it gold and black, also has another feature — every time one of the random high damage rounds is fired, the gun will illuminate. Fans can probably expect similar visual effects with some of the other Ornaments, although Bungie has yet to reveal any more.

Ornaments can be earned via random drop in the new Radiant Treasure boxes that will become available with Rise of Iron. In addition, Xur will begin offering a random selection of Ornaments each weekend, which players will be able to buy using Silver Dust (Silver Dust is gained by dismantling items that come in Radiant Treasure).

Not all exotics have Ornaments, only a specific set that Bungie has chosen to create alternate skins for. Weapons like the Khvostov and the Trespasser (an exotic sidearm players can find in the game now) have gotten the Ornament treatment, while it appears that others, like Thorn, are being left alone. At least for now.

It's clear that Bungie's decision to leave last-gen consoles behind with the release of Rise of Iron has opened up the possibilities for new effects. Ornaments are an evolution of the Chroma system that was introduced in the April Update this year, but now taken to an entirely new level where instead of just adding color, new textures, geometry, and effects are being added.

Rise of Iron looks to really be upping the customization game, giving players many options to mix and match armor sets and apply unique looks to both weapons and armor through Ornaments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: DestinyTheGame Instagram (via GameSpot)

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