Get a full walkthrough of what to expect from Destiny: Rise of Iron‘s newest strike that fans will be able to play this fall in the latest expansion to Bungie’s sci-fi shooter.

As a part of the Destiny: Rise of Iron reveals during Gamescom this week, Bungie is continuing to show off more from Destiny’s fall expansion. After revealing private matches and the new Kill Confirmed-like Supremacy Crucible mode, today Bungie has shown off the new strike coming in Rise of Iron.

The strike is called The Wretched Eye and it takes place in the Plaguelands. The strike will take players through a missile silo complex in Old Russia to find a Fallen Devil Splicer Priest who has been doing experiments on the Hive.

YouTuber and streamer, Datto, captured the strike in its entirety during a capture event at Bungie, and gave his impressions after playing it.

Bungie has talked up the fact that The Wretched Eye strike contains multiple paths that players can take through the strike. It is similar to what Bungie did with some of the new strikes added in The Taken King that introduced the idea of randomly selected groups of different enemy types spawning into strikes each time fans played. This is little bit of an evolution of the idea.

However, Datto shared his thoughts on the varying paths, saying they are only a minor variation from each other. Players will face the same kind of enemies, just in slightly different rooms. The path split at the same place and end at the same place so it is only a slight difference during one section of the strike.

The strike ends in a boss fight where players will have to contend with both the Fallen Devil Splicer Priest and a Hive Ogre. The Priest has ripped out the Ogre’s eye and affixed it to a rifle, which allows the boss to fire a Void blast at players while teleporting around the final encounter room.

rise of iron wretched eye priest

Shortly after engaging the Priest, the Ogre will break its bonds and chase players across the map. The Ogre is invulnerable to damage, so Guardians will need to keep moving while focusing fire on the Devil Splicer Priest to end the encounter.

To sum up his experience with the new strike, Datto called The Wretched Eye “the same strike experience” fans have come to expect. It does not take any risks or try anything new, and is pretty standard fare as far as length and difficulty. That was not to say it was bad, but that this strike is not going to be departure from the norm.

The Wretched Eye is the only truly new strike in Rise of Iron, but (like the April Update’s Winter’s Run strike) the expansion will also include two remastered strikes that will shake up the enemy types and encounters with the new Devil Splicer faction. In particular, those strikes are The Devil’s Lair and The Summoning Pits.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20, 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Datto (YouTube)