Destiny: Rise of Iron Shows Off New Social Space

destiny rise of iron felwinter peak

Bungie shows off Felwinter Peak, the new social space that players will be able to explore and utilize once Destiny: Rise of Iron launches this September.

Destiny currently sports two social spaces where players can visit vendors, pick up quests, decrypt engrams, and more — the Tower and the Reef. Destiny first launched with the Tower and later added the Reef in the House of Wolves expansion. With the launch of Rise of Iron, another social space will be added to the game. It goes by the name Felwinter Peak.

It is set atop a snowy mountain the looms above the Cosmodrome and the new Plaguelands Patrol area. It is the derelict home of the old Iron Lords, whose story takes center stage in Rise of Iron’s narrative.

Bungie says the first mission of the expansion will involve a gondola ride up the mountain, as players ascend Felwinter Peak to claim it back from an invasive Fallen force. After players take it back from the Fallen, it becomes the new social space that they can visit and it will be filled with new characters and vendors.

Felwinter Peak is a mountaintop fortress with wood bridges and multicolored flags waving in the wind. It also contains a temple or mausoleum that honors the Iron Lords of old. And to fit the motif of the trailers and art shown off for Rise of Iron, there are wolves on Felwinter Peak.

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Bungie says Felwinter Peak is not a replacement for the Tower but it is the hub that will serve as the anchor for players as they go through Rise of Iron’s new content. But even after that content ends, there will be a reason to go back — since Lord Saladin will take up residence there, that’s where he will stay. When Iron Banner comes around, players will go to Felwinter Peak instead of the Tower.

Felwinter Peak will have the essentials like a bounty vendor, a Postmaster, and a Cryptarch. However, the new Cryptarch is the source of the new powered-up artifacts coming in Rise of Iron. In addition, a new vendor, Shiro-4, will offer bounties for the Plaguelands and its new Archon’s Forge arena mode. Keen-eyed fans have also spotted that Shiro-4 will also sell Armor Materials (a much requested feature from fans) and past Iron Banner class items.

According to Bungie “there are a lot of secrets to discover” on Felwinter Peak. One of those secrets may involve a number of bells scattered around Felwinter Peak that players can activate. Bungie teased fans by saying, “If you hit them in a certain order, something might happen.”

There appears to be a lot to do on Felwinter Peak once Rise of Iron launches this fall.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases September 20, 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer

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