Destiny: Rise of Iron Nemesis Star Exotic Machine Gun Gameplay

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Destiny: Rise of Iron has just launched with a myriad of exotic weapons, but to really shred enemies to teeny tiny pieces, the Nemesis Star machine gun will do the trick nicely.

The new Nemesis Star is a new exotic machine gun in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It deals solar damage, which is pretty popular this expansion, and is a heavy weapon. Its main perk is called Extinction Cycle, which allows the weapon to have a fairly high rate of fire from its initial burst of damage, making short work of enemies in quick succession.

YouTuber Arekkz released a video that shows just how quickly Nemesis Star can decimate anything in front of it. Since the weapon's main perk activates with every trigger pulled, as opposed to the first triggered pulled at the beginning of a magazine, it essentially turns the machine gun into a high damage pulse rifle. So Guardians can vary between a constant stream of damage that slowly tapers off, like most machine guns, or they can utilize short bursts to deal quick, heavy damage to enemies at closer range; it's very versatile.


As with other exotics in the game, Nemesis Star can equip ornaments to change its appearance. In this case Meteorite, which turns the gun all red, and Silver Bullet, which makes the gun appear as if it has been beat to hell – probably the more realistic look of the two.

For a better look at the gun in action, check out the video above. It should give a clear idea of just how efficient Nemesis Star can be in clearing packs of Fallen, as well as what kind of perks are available.

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Nemesis Star will surely be a boon to Guardians against this new menace threatening life on Earth, but Destiny: Rise of Iron has no shortage of weapons to aid in the fight. Young Wolf's Howl is another exotic that does its fair share of shredding as well. Before obtaining these destructive beauties, however, a Guardian has to get their feet wet. Anyone who needs a little help getting started in this new frontier can find tips in our handy dandy guide on how to start the expansion's new content. This, however, means help outside of the server access issues currently bogging down the game.

Stay tuned to Game Rant for more Destiny: Rise of Iron news, as well as guides on how to survive The Plaguelands.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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