Destiny Players Are Passing the Rise of Iron Light Level Cap

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A Destiny: Rise of Iron player discovers new weapons and gear that exceeds the current maximum light level cap limit, prompting questions as to whether or not this is intentional.

With Destiny: Rise of Iron now available, players have flooded into the Plaguelands in an effort to secure all of the new gear and loot that has been added with this expansion. For many, part of the fun is finding gear to help increase character levels to the new level cap of 385. As fans furiously level their characters to prepare for the upcoming Wrath of the Machine raid later this week, one player has discovered that Bungie may have forgotten to actually cap the light level.

In a new thread on Reddit, a player has discovered new gear with a light level beyond the assumed new light level cap of 385. Interestingly enough, the player was able to infuse their Dragon's Breath exotic rocket launcher to 386 and eventually found a 387 Astrocyte Verse exotic helm while travelling through the Plaguelands. With the help of these high powered exotics and gear, the player was able to increase their overall light level to 386, something which shouldn't be possible at this time.

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While this fast leveling news is shocking either way considering the game has barely been out for 24 hours, it does contradict the statement Bungie made a few months ago, confirming that the light level at launch would be capped at 385. When the hard mode version of the new raid eventually launches, the cap would then be raised again to 400. As of now, Bungie has not officially stated when the hard mode of this raid will launch.

At this point, it's unclear if this move is simply a mistake by Bungie, or intentional, similarly to the way the Trespasser exotic sidearm was secretly released into the game with update 2.4. Bungie is well versed in adding easter eggs and secrets into its games, so a move like this wouldn't be terribly surprising.

As many have begun to report that the real light grind comes after reaching 350, players still have a few days left in order to reach the minimum light level of 360 in order to tackle Wrath of the Machine. Bungie has been fairly mum on raid details, simply stating that the action packed mission will be the culmination of the story line started in the main expansion quest line. If other raids are any example, merely sitting at the minimum requirement may not be good enough and players will want to progress as closely as possible to the light cap.

What do you think caused this? Is this a simple bug or has Bungie stealth activated the max light level? Tell us your thoughts down below in the comments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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