Destiny Releasing A New Hotfix for Rise of Iron Today


Bungie announces that hotfix will be deployed later today for Destiny: Rise of Iron players, but opts not to reveal what's inside of the update until later.

It has been a whirlwind week for Bungie, as Destiny fans not only received a brand new expansion called Rise of Iron, but also saw players race each other in a friendly competition to see who could finish the brand new raid first a few days later. Even as the secrets behind the exotic pulse rifle Outbreak Prime have begun to flood the internet, Bungie has identified a couple of existing issues that need to be patched up and has announced a new hotfix for later today.

Bungie has announced that hotfix is arriving later today for its popular shooter, Destiny. This will be the second hotfix to arrive following the release of Rise of Iron which had its own fix arrive on launch day last week. The update will start rolling out at 10 PDT for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users and all players in game will either be kicked to orbit, or will manually need to return to orbit in order for the download to begin. Players will not be able to return to the game until the hotfix download finishes.


These upcoming changes will not affect players currently using older consoles for Destiny, however, as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users will remain on update Following the release of Rise of Iron, Bungie has opted to leave the older consoles behind, choosing to focus on the current generation of systems moving forward.

Strangely enough, Bungie has not revealed the contents of this small hotfix, choosing to wait until the fix is live before detailing what has changed in Destiny. Fans have already begun to speculate though, with some believing this will fix a recent issue some players have seen when trying to join a fireteam along with other small tweaks.

On the other hand, it's quite possible this patch could be aimed at a much larger issue focusing on the Wrath of the Machine raid, which just launched last Friday. Players have discovered a way to completely skip past the entire Siege Machine boss fight. While on one hand this allows the players to quickly move on in the raid, it also results in players missing out on the Siege Machine loot drop.

What do you think this hotfix will be addressing later today? Feel free to make some wild guesses in the comment section below.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Bungie

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