Update: Destiny players must complete the Beauty in Destruction quest (click for details) in order to unlock the Year 3 Gjallarhorn, then they can infuse the Iron Gjallarhorn with the rocket launcher.

Bungie has officially revealed Destiny: Rise of Iron, the fall expansion that will release September 20 of this year. After a massive leak the night before Bungie’s official reveal, fans found out that the exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn would be making its return in Rise of Iron.

With that reveal came details that a new version of the exotic called Iron Gjallarhorn would be a bonus to those who pre-order Rise of Iron. This left many Destiny fans with questions whether the new, updated version of Gjallarhorn would be placed behind a pre-order wall, only available to those who shelled out the cash early.

But during their live stream reveal, Bungie cleared up the issue. All players who own the Rise of Iron expansion, no matter when they purchase it, will receive a quest that leads to the end reward of a Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. But for those who do pre-order the expansion, they will receive the same rocket launcher with the same stats, but with a different skin—the Iron Gjallarhorn is a black and silver version of the classic gold and white Gjallarhorn.

gjallarhorn preorder bonus

Rise of Iron‘s creative director, Chris Barrett said that come September, players will go on a quest “to forge a new Gjallarhorn from the armor of fallen heroes.” From the story details that have been released it sounds like the exotic will be created from the armor of the Iron Lords, who take center stage in this expansion.

Gjallarhorn is a legendary weapon in the Destiny community, and was far and away the best exotic in the game in Year 1, and even led to a lot of elitism among Destiny fans especially on LFG sites. To commemorate the special place Gjallarhorn has had among fans, Bungie put together this special trailer:

The exotic rocket launcher was admittedly broken, so powerful that Bungie chose not to allow the exotic to move forward into Year 2. By the time Rise of Iron comes out, longtime fans will have spent an entire year without having Gjallarhorn be effective at relevant Light level, so it will be interesting to see how Bungie chooses to rebalance the weapon for Year 3. If nothing else most expect some new changes for the weapon, like Bungie has done with other exotics that have been added to the game since The Taken King.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron launched on September 20, 2016, only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.