Destiny: Rise of Iron's Cosmodrome Will Have New Enemies and Areas

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Bungie takes Destiny fans on a virtual tour of the new-and-improved Cosmodrome, revealing some new additions and tweaks set to arrive alongside Rise of Iron.

It's been almost two years since Destiny was released, and almost a year since the launch of its most recent expansion, The Taken King. Players are eager to receive more content, and they're set to receive it in September when Rise of Iron is made available.

Bungie is already starting its marketing efforts for Rise of Iron, and yesterday the studio took fans on a tour of the game's Cosmodrome location via a Twitch stream. From the looks of it, the place has changed significantly since its appearance in the base game.

Players will immediately notice that the area has been plunged into the depths of winter, with snow and ice covering just about every surface. This is part of the Norse influence on the Rise of Iron expansion, which was summarized on the stream to a core trio of elements; snow, axes, and beards.

However, it's not just the outward appearance of the Cosmodrome that's changed. Bungie has made some impactful tweaks to certain sections of the location — and since this is where Destiny players cut their teeth, they're sure to be instantly recognizable to anyone who's spent some time with the game.

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For instance, the Fallen Walker event in The Divide has seemingly been removed. In its place is a Warsat event — and the enormous husk of the four-legged tank buried under a layer of snow, acting as a permanent reminder of the fight for veteran players.

There was also an indication that the Rocketyard has been expanded with more areas accessible to players. While the hosts of the stream didn't actually explore these parts of the map, we did see a new yellow-bar enemy that was carrying a void shield.

New enemies have actually taken over large swathes of the Cosmodrome. SIVA infected Fallen are referred to as Splicers, much like the Taken enemy class from The Taken King, and the techno-virus has affected all manner of classes; Dregs, Shanks, Captains, Vandals, and Servitors were all spotted during the stream.

While it's difficult to get a sense of the scope of content included in Rise of Iron from a stream like this, what Bungie did show was pretty compelling. Many players dumped Destiny for The Division earlier this year — but since Ubisoft's effort has struggled after its successful launch, a great expansion might convince many to return to the game.

Rise of Iron is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 20, 2016.

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