Destiny: Rise of Iron Adds New Artifact Abilities to the Game


Destiny: Rise of Iron will add a new character and eight new artifacts that can be used by any class and will totally change the way Destiny’s played.

Destiny’s upcoming expansion,  Rise of Iron, is being touted as one of the largest expansions yet for the MMO shooter. Rise of Iron will not only add a wealth of new content to the game, including the return of sparrow racing and the Festival of the Lost, but the expansion will also revamp the game’s artifact system.

Artifacts were first introduced in The Taken King expansion, and when found can be used to boost certain stats for a character. As of now, the artifacts in Destiny are class specific, however according to Game Informer, Rise of Iron will introduce eight new artifacts that are usable by all classes and sub-classes.

Along with eight new, class agnostic, artifacts; Rise of Iron will also introduce a new character, Tyra Karn who will act as the distributor of the new artifacts. To gain these artifacts Tyra will send players into the Plaguelands to commit mighty deeds in memory of the fallen Iron Lords. Once a player completes Tyra’s mission, they are given an object called the Iron Lords’ Legacy, which can be exchanged for one of the three artifacts that Tyra is offering that week.

The artifacts that will be introduced in Rise of Iron will do more than just buff out certain stats, as many give the player game changing abilities.  For example, one of these artifacts gives a player’s melee attack the ability to temporarily cause enemies to fight on the player’s side, while others do things like eliminating the sprint recharge delay.


The reveal of these eight new artifacts will be the cherry on the sundae for many Destiny fans, who are already hyped for Rise of Irons new campaign missions, strikes, and a Devil Splicer themed raid. This new content, combined with the new artifacts, should ensure that players will have plenty to do in the new expansion. The artifact distribution system seems set up to keep players coming back, since Tyra’s selection of available artifacts will change from week to week, it should take players around eight weeks to earn all of the new artifacts.

So far there’s been no word if the Rise of Iron expansion will include the fan made emote wheel, or if there will be any Word of Warcraft easter eggs hidden away. Fans will just have to wait until September to see.

Will Rise of Iron add enough new content to attract new players to Destiny?

Destiny: Rise of Iron will launch September 20th on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer

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