Watch Destiny’s Top PvP Players in the New Rift Multiplayer Mode

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New multiplayer modes are as controversial as they are exciting. Fans of popular shooters are especially prone to developing deep bonds with the game types present in their favorite games, and as such they can be quite hesitant to give those up in lieu of something new.

Recently, fans of Halo expressed a desire to see Big Team Battles return in that franchise’s newest instal;ment, despite the new Warzone mode receiving high praise from those who’ve gone hands-on with the mode. While Bungie might not be involved with Halo anymore, they’ve also got their hands full with a massively popular shooter – Destiny: The Taken King is coming soon, and it’s bringing with it some big changes to PvP.

Given one of the more popular criticisms with Destiny is with its PvP system, it makes sense that Bungie is looking to experiment in the game’s newest expansion. Destiny: The Taken King will debut two new PvP game types for the Crucible called Rift and Mayhem, and while more details are sure to come, on Saturday gamers got their first real glance at what Rift gameplay might look like in the future.

Bungie teamed up with frequent partner Red Bull this past Saturday to stream some Rift matches between a number of popular Destiny players and streamers. Among those featured on the stream were friend of the site tripleWRECK, professional player Flamesword, and other Destiny community members such as nKuch, Clout, FizZoR, and more. The event was hosted by Bungie’s Destiny community manager Deej and designer Lars Bakken, who helped bring some colorful commentary and threw in a few novice pointers for those Guardians exploring Rift gameplay for the first time.

While the event isn’t exactly the highest level of gameplay Destiny has ever seen, the stream did well to show off a lot of The Taken King‘s newer mechanics. In particular, there was a lot of focus on the new Guardian subclasses, showing off Supers as frequently as possible. One early stand out was the Hunter smoke grenade, which looked like it might have a lot of utility for objective-clearing in early The Taken King PvP matches. The Rift gameplay mode, which kind of plays like a reverse capture the flag, looks like an exciting addition to the Crucible and something that offers a bit more variety than Destiny previously had.

Destiny the Taken King Rift Preview

The event wasn’t all positives, however. A number of Destiny fans complained about the focus on Flamesword during the show, as he is an infrequent Destiny player who is more at home in Call of Duty. Some Guardians also felt that Bungie’s stream focused too heavily upon The Taken King‘s new gameplay features at the expense of displaying what a real game of Rift might feel like.

Still, these concerns were minor, and the gameplay was enjoyable to watch. None of the participants took themselves too seriously, which made for an enjoyable atmosphere that served as a nice teaser trailer for a PvP mode Destiny fans can’t wait to get their hands on.

What did you think of the gameplay in Rift mode? Is this the improvement to Destiny‘s PvP you’ve been waiting for? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: The Taken King releases for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 15, 2015.

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