Destiny Details More Rewards for Dedicated Players on Bungie Day

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While many had hoped that Bungie Day – today, July 7th – would bring with it new details about Destiny’s The Taken King expansion, Bungie quickly dashed those hopes. Rather, the intent was never to use the internal holiday as the platform for a major announcement, but to celebrate the dedicate fan base their game has amassed over the last year or so.

So far, Bungie has announced a Limited Edition PS4 console themed around Destiny: The Taken King and unveiled a special video Q&A series with the game’s main developers. However, the big announcement was saved for a little later in the day, when Bungie finally revealed how they would reward their most dedicated players.

Now, it’s true that Bungie has already detailed the Year 1 VIP rewards (shader, emote, sparrow) that each Destiny veteran will earn, but this latest reward is something a little different. It’s nothing special, just a unique emblem, but it requires Destiny players immerse themselves in Bungie’s game and complete some of its toughest challenges. See the emblem below.

Destiny Triumph Emblem

From now until September 9th, players have to complete 10 challenges within the world of Destiny in order to earn the above emblem. Among the list of accomplishments, players must have beaten both of the Destiny raids on the hard difficulty, they must have beaten Skolas in the Prison of Elders, and they must win 100 Crucible matches.

For most Destiny veterans, these challenges should be a cinch, and luckily the reward tracker will account for past progress. So, if you’ve already completed any of the 10 challenges then there’s no need to go back and do them again. For those who are curious, the 10 challenges are:

  • Reach max light level 20
  • Defeat the dark heart in the ‘Black Garden’ story mission
  • Prevent the summoning of Crota’s soul in The Dark Below DLC
  • Capture Skolas in the House of Wolves DLC
  • Beat Prison of Elders on level 35
  • Beat Atheon in Vault of Glass raid on Hard
  • Beat Crota in Crota’s End on Hard
  • Complete 50 public events
  • Win 100 Crucible Matches
  • Open all 20 Gold Chests

While many were hoping for something a little more glamorous in exchange for their dedicated service, the emblem seems more like a reward for the most dedicated Destiny players than any who logged on and played the game. It may come as a shock, but some players have still yet to complete any of the Destiny raids due to their lack of matchmaking, but now they will feel greater pressure to do so.

Destiny Triumph Tracker

And even those who do complete the raids on hard will face an even greater challenge in the level 35 Prison of Elders Arena. With the new level cap of 34, most of the old raids are hardly troublesome, but PoE and its level 35 enemies can prove challenging to even the most hardened of Destiny veterans.

By no means is the Arena impossible, but the final fight with Skolas requires a ton of communication and some smart planning. There are also some new mechanics to the Skolas boss fight that are important to know ahead of time, so feel free to use our Prison of Elders guide for reference.

What do you think of this special Year 1 emblem? How many of the Destiny challenges have you already completed?

Source: Bungie