'Destiny' Adds Reputation Panel in Next Update

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When Destiny was announced two years ago, all the way back in February 2013, plenty of people got excited. The game would be a persistently online MMO-lite where players could team up and take down enemies that look straight out of sci-fi movies in lands decorated with lore. It may be up for debate, but plenty would agree that Destiny is a success, with 16 million players in the game.

At the same time, Bungie has done their best to cater to those player's needs with regular updates and plenty of DLC drops. Which is important since the game is looking to last for at least 10 years (despite rumblings of a sequel).

But with so many players playing, plenty of them are going to have ideas for how the game could improve, or will be aware of bugs and glitches that plague their game. For example, there's the heavy ammo bug which has been removing heavy ammunition since launch, as well the oft-discussed Crota's End raid features odd bugs and exploits.

One other improvement that players have been asking for for some time is a change to Destiny's user interface (UI). As it stands, if players want to check their reputation with the vendors in the Tower (or see how close they are to the weekly limit of Crucible marks) they have to run around the Destiny hub visiting each individual faction rep, which is hardly an ideal situation. This will soon be fixed though, as Bungie this week outlined plans for a slight Destiny UI overhaul.

Destiny Reputation Panel gif

As seen in the gif above, this update will bring a 'Reputation Panel' to the game, which will give Destiny players the ability to check their standings with each vendor (along with those Crucible marks) right from their inventory. David "Evil Otto" Candland", the Design Lead for Destiny's User Interface team, explains:

"We’ve created a way for you to see your faction reputations and weekly marks without having to run from vendor to vendor in the Tower. Now this information is never more than two clicks away! Where do you put it, and how much information do you include? Since reputation really affects your buying power, it made sense to put it in close proximity to your currencies. The inventory screen real estate is pretty full, so using the fly-out convention we established in the settings screen was a way to recoup some space, yet still allow tooltips for another layer of detail."

Candland explained that the Reputation Panel will be coming to Destiny in update 1.1.1, which may include that heavy ammo fix. Bungie is hoping the update will be out “before the end of February”.

Source: Bungie

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