Bungie has given the details on Destiny’s Refer-a-Friend program, which rewards players who help those new to Destiny with exclusive swords, emotes, shaders, and more.

Two weeks ago Bungie announced that a new program called Refer-a-Friend would be added to Destiny, rewarding current players who help new gamers to Destiny through some of its content, promising more details would be coming. Those details came today as Bungie officially released Refer-a-Friend, which offers tons of exclusive rewards for those who participate, including a shader, emotes, and swords. Bungie released a new trailer to kick off the program:

Here’s the full list of rewards for those who participate:

  • Infinite Link shader
  • Sign of the Infinite emblem
  • Elemental Infinite Edge sword
  • Duo Dance and High Five emotes
  • EV-34 Vector Infinite sparrow

The rewards will be earned by both Refer-a-Friend participating players, who Bungie refers to as a Veteran and a Referee. A Veteran is someone who has already played Destiny: The Taken King while a Referee is a new player who has purchased and played The Taken King for less than seven days.

A Veteran must sign onto his or her Bungie.net profile or go to Bungie.net/ReferAFriend. Clicking the Invite A Friend Today button will generate a link with a unique code. The Veteran will have to send that link to someone who has never played Destiny (or just started playing in the last week) to click and activate it. Doing so will link the Bungie.net accounts belonging to the Veteran and Referee. Those two players must then form a fireteam in-game, and go visit the Speaker, where they will receive the “A Tale of Two Guardians” quest. Here are the steps of the quest:

  1. Complete a Story mission with a Linked Friend.
  2. Complete Patrols with a Linked Friend.
  3. Win a Crucible Match with a Linked Friend.
  4. Reach Level 40 and then return to the Tower to talk with the Speaker.
  5. Complete the Daily Heroic Story mission with a Linked Friend.
  6. Complete a Heroic Strike with a Linked Friend.
  7. Complete the Weekly Nightfall Strike with a Linked Friend.

All these steps must be completed while both linked players are in a fireteam. By completing all these steps, both the Veteran and the Referee will earn the rewards. Unfortunately for those on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the Refer-A-Friend program only works on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Bungie hasn’t said exactly why, but it is likely due to memory constraints. Many of the additions that have been coming to Destiny in recent months, such as the “Thriller Dance” emote, have not made their way to last-gen consoles.

Destiny Refer A Friend Rewards

Bungie has rewarded players before, and the Refer-a-Friend program is a great idea, and actually provides some really unique and exciting rewards, however much of the Destiny community is trying to figure out how to meet up with new players as many of them have already gotten their friends into Destiny. The community is not currently taking to the program well, complaining that the system is convoluted and hard to accomplish. But with an influx of new players expected after Black Friday and Christmas, combined with the fact that the Destiny community is pretty resourceful, there may be plenty of chances for new and old players to join up and earn these new rewards together.

What do you think of the Refer-a-Friend program? Will you be participating?

Source: Bungie, Planet Destiny