‘Destiny’ Teases New Social Space, Full ‘The Reef’ Reveal Tomorrow

By | 2 years ago 

In the past, when it came to new Destiny content Bungie liked to play things close to the vest. Rather than give players a full look at what was in the pipeline, the developer preferred to slowly tease individual pieces of a larger picture, while still keeping some elements a mystery. The Crota’s End raid, for example, was widely speculated on, but only officially revealed once players actually jumped into the Hellmouth in the Dark Below DLC.

For Destiny’s next major DLC expansion, House of Wolves, Bungie is going about things a little differently. Rather than feed players small bits of written info over the course of several weeks, they are using that time to actually show players complete pieces of House of Wolves content.

Up first, is a Destiny livestream focused on The Reef, the new social space included with House of Wolves. We’ve heard rumors about The Reef social space for a while now, but tomorrow (at 11am PST) we will finally see it. However, those who want a brief preview of The Reef can check out the below screenshots or the above teaser trailer.

In addition to Bungie’s walkthrough of The Reef, the Destiny developer will also explain the new weapon upgrade path for House of Wolves. We don’t know what exactly they mean by “new upgrade path” but the trailer and past Bungie updates have suggested that they will implement an option whereby players can bring older Destiny weapons up to max level. So, while prized Destiny guns like Fatebringer and Vision of Confluence have been capped at the pre-Dark Below level cap of 300, they may soon get bumped up to the new 365 cap.

As we have mentioned before, tomorrow’s livestream is only the first part of a planned House of Wolves guided tour. Next week, Destiny players will get a closer look at the Trials of Osiris Event that will go live alongside the House of Wolves. Like with The Reef, there have been rumors about the Trials of Osiris, but Bungie will make everything clear during the April 29th livestream.

Then, on May 6th, Bungie will show off the Prison of Elders, the new 3-player cooperative mode that’s included with the House of Wolves DLC. This is the piece of content that Destiny players are most curious about, as it is something completely different from all other current experiences. We will obviously get the full scoop next month, but it sounds like Prison of Elders is a horde mode option, not unlike Halo’s Firefight.

So, while players try to make peace with the fact that Destiny will not have a new raid – not any time soon at least – they have a lot to look forward to in the next three weeks. Come back here tomorrow for full details on The Reef and the new weapon upgrade path, or watch the Destiny stream live at http://www.twitch.tv/bungie.

Destiny – House of Wolves releases May 19, 2015 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.