Scammers Stealing Destiny Red Bull Promo Codes

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When it comes to the issue of promotional codes being used to acquire video game content via product tie-ins, Destiny is neither the first, nor will they be the last to implement them. While such a move often smacks of goofy gimmickry, such as Assassin’s Creed: Unity‘s attempt to get gamers to buy separate cans of Edge shaving cream for extra loot, occasionally the results can work decently. For instance, Call of Duty‘s past cooperation with Mountain Dew for in-game cosmetic items actually made a lot of sense due to a majority of the series’ fan base already having an affinity for the soda.

Bearing all of that in mind, it’s worth mentioning that Bungie is no stranger to taking the plunge with food-related corporate tie-ins before Destiny. Once, the game developer teamed up with Pizza Hut to share a Halo Anniversary Pizza with the world. Although no additional in-game content was offered for any Master Chief-related gear in that instance, when Destiny fans learned they would be treated to a timed exclusive mission care of Red Bull after using promo codes, a lot of people assumed the situation would be taken advantage of by illegitimate parties.

Now those skeptics are being proven right, as it’s reported that scammers have figured out how the Red Bull codes are composed, and are creating some of their own to nab the Destiny content without having to spend a dime. With such an unfortunate situation unfolding, many players of Bungie‘s intergalactic action MMO who have legitimately bought Red Bull are claiming that their promo codes aren’t working after entering them into Destiny‘s website.

Destiny Red Bull Taken King Quest

As previously mentioned, Bungie’s exclusive multi-stage mission available via the upcoming Destiny expansion The Taken King was originally intended only for fans purchasing Red Bull drinks so they could use the unique assortment of letters and numbers printed on the cans for the tie-in DLC. However, it’s highly likely that the codes used by the scammers are simply being taken from the actual cans without them actually buying the energy drink, because honestly, if someone is going to be unscrupulous enough to generate his or her own code for the content, then they’re probably okay with straight up stealing.

This news coming to pass makes for yet another blemish on Bungie’s record, as recently, many fans awaiting The Taken King are having major doubts about the price of the forthcoming DLC, saying that it may be too expensive to just be add-on content for Destiny. So, with any luck, Bungie and Red Bull can quickly rectify what’s going on without incurring the ire of Destiny fans.

Destiny is available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, and the upcoming DLC entitled The Taken King is set for release on September 15, 2015.

Source: Kotaku (via IGN)