Destiny Twitch streamer RealKraftyy helps a 7-year-old boy go Flawless in the ultra-competitive PvP event Trials of Osiris, getting him to the Lighthouse.

It’s not easy to go Flawless in Destiny‘s weekend PvP event Trials of Osiris. Especially since the mode returned in The Taken King and win-based matchmaking was put into effect. The Elimination mode can be “sweaty,” a term coined when casual games turn intense, and going 9-0 is no easy task. But, many make the attempt, because the reward for overcoming the opposition is high-tier rewards and a trip to the exclusive Lighthouse public space.

Many Destiny streamers will carry followers through Trials of Osiris every week on stream, a common practice especially since Destiny‘s content is running pretty dry at this point. But in a special carry over the weekend, Twitch streamer RealKraftyy helped a 7-year-old boy through Trials of Osiris and got him his first trip to the Lighthouse. Here’s the full run:

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It’s a fun watch as RealKraftyy and his partner help the excited boy (and hardcore Destiny fan) through Trials of Osiris. It’s not discussed during the video, but in the Destiny community it can be pretty hard for kids to find people to play with, even if they are good. The boy’s dad comes on the mic at the beginning of the video and says his son normally has a K/D over 1 in Trials.

But no matter how skilled a kid may be at Destiny, it’s no doubt difficult for them to find a fireteam. Posts on LFG sites often specifically call out the requirement of “no kids.” Most clans in the community set up age requirements that exclude minors, commonly called “squeakers” by Destiny players because of their younger, higher voices.

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There are countless stories on Destiny Reddit about kids having a hard time finding raid groups, or even getting kicked out of groups once fellow players find out they’re playing with a younger person. For those who thought it was hard to find a group back in Year One without a Gjallarhorn, it seems even harder to find any groups that will accept a “squeaker.” Even though the Destiny community is generally very positive and welcoming, the elitism of keeping groups adult-only is commonplace.

It was a kind gesture on RealKraftyy’s part in helping the boy through Trials of Osiris to get his first Flawless run. And considering that the 7-year-old Guardian held his own pretty well, perhaps the Destiny community will start to welcome squeakers a little more often.

Have you played Destiny with any kids? How was your experience?

Source: RealKraftyy on Twitch