Destiny Streamer Tries to Go Flawless in Trials of Osiris with Parents

Destiny Lighthouse Mercury

Destiny streamer RealKraftyy is well known for Trials of Osiris double carries, but he takes things to a new level by attempting to go flawless with his mom and dad.

Every weekend thousands of Destiny players descend onto the Crucible battlefield in the hopes of claiming victory in Trials of Osiris. Not all are lucky enough to go flawless and visit the Lighthouse on Mercury, but those who are lucky are greeted by top tier rewards.

However, even those who may not be as skilled at Crucible do have a chance of getting to The Lighthouse if their other Destiny fireteam members are good enough. Or, in some cases, players are “carried” to the Lighthouse by someone capable of dominating Trials of Osiris all by themselves.

One such Destiny player who has made a job out of Trials of Osiris carries is RealKraftyy. Kraftyy has been streaming on Twitch since the very early days of Destiny, but it is his Trials carries that have helped make him a household name in the Directory. He’s also one of the most successful streamers that runs double carries, meaning Kraftyy attempts to get two players to the Lighthouse at the same time.

Some might remember that Kraftyy helped carry a young boy to the Lighthouse, and did so while keeping his typically R-rated sense of humor in check. Well, at least he tried his best to do so.

However, this past weekend RealKraftyy outdid himself by attempting to carry his parents to the Lighthouse. Check out the video below to see the full run(s) in all its glory.


As is evident from the stream, RealKraftyy’s parents are not regular Destiny players. In fact, they are about as adept with a controller as most of our parents would be, struggling to grasp the basic concepts of turning and moving at the same time. Needless to say Kraftyy had his work cut out from him.

Still, the fact that RealKraftyy was able to win a few rounds and matches speaks volumes to his skill in Destiny’s Crucible and Trials of Osiris. Very few of us would be able to successfully pull off the 1v3 gun fights he can, and on top of that would have the patience to teach their parents how to play Destiny.

It may not have worked out as RealKraftyy hoped, but the event itself was surely a success for the streamer. At its peak the stream reached over 12,000 concurrent viewers, which is a massive number for any Twitch streamer. Hopefully with a little more practice with his parents maybe Kraftyy will get to the Lighthouse with his parents, but if nothing else watching the family play together is pure entertainment.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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