New Destiny Raid Completed, Sends Bungie Shooter to Top of Twitch


Destiny's latest raid has been cleared and a new World First team crowned, with the hype of the raid's launch causing Destiny to soar to the top of Twitch's directory.

Destiny's raids are quite possibly the crown of Bungie's sci-fi shooter. The 6-man cooperative activity involves some of the toughest PvE challenges in the game, requiring communication, coordination, and puzzle solving to complete. Raid are also Destiny's most well kept secret, with Bungie sharing as little as possible about the endgame activity ahead of any launch.

The latest raid, Wrath of the Machine, debuted today and the race among fans to be World First kicked off. It's a point of pride for some Destiny players to be the first to complete a new raid. The winning team was able to clear Wrath of the Machine just over two hours after it went live at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. The World First raid team consists of members of an Xbox One Destiny clan named Team Redeem. The six players to clear the raid were FleshCrunch, PvT Nuclear, Modern Tryhard, MagneticRubber, Snead and Ehroar.

Bungie confirmed that the raid team was in fact the first to conquer Wrath of the Machine and made the official announcement on Twitter:


The race was close, with a second place team being confirmed by Bungie right after Team Redeem's World First completion, a group of players from another clan named Clan Rival.

The release of a new raid causes a surge in the Destiny community, as many teams join the race to World First while other fans jump on Twitch to watch live as fellow players try to overcome Destiny's biggest PvE challenge.

The release of the raid sent Destiny soaring to the top of Twitch's directory today. Popular Destiny streamer, Gothalion (who was a member of the King's Fall World First raid team), hit more than 65,000 concurrent viewers in the hours following the raid's launch. It's another testament to the fact and answer to the popular question, "People still play this game?"


For those wanting to jump into Wrath of the Machine themselves, but still need help getting their characters raid ready, be sure to check out Game Rant's guide to leveling up quickly.

Wrath of the Machine is the crescendo to Rise of Iron, completing the journey that started in the expansion's story missions, continued into the strike, and wraps up in the raid. It features SIVA and the Devil Splicers as the main enemy. Be sure to check out the trailer for Wrath of the Machine.

Have you completed Wrath of the Machine? Let us know in the comments!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon, Galactic Eclipse via Twitter

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